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The Champion of Berath is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

It is available only if the player chose to kill Raedric in Lord of a Barren Land, and is received from a Frightened Villager at the Celestial Sapling in Hearthsong. The quest can also be started by speaking to the statue in Caed Nua, who will give you a letter from Raedric himself.


You have done me grievous injury, and I will answer in kind. Know this: Your efforts in Gilded Vale have brought only ruin upon you, for I will not suffer you to walk Eora in peace while I draw breath. My subjects will pull your keep down to its foundations, brick by brick, until you return to face your final judgment in honorable combat...

Called upon to slay Lord Raedric VII in Lord of a Barren Land, the Watcher accepted and fulfilled the grim task of tyrannicide, assuming that with this act of violence Gilded Vale would be purged of his influence for good. Raedric, however, had other plans, and an encounter at the Celestial Sapling in Twin Elms with a guard from Gilded Vale reveals that he has returned from death to his keep to seek vengeance for his murder. Kolsc — if the Watcher installed him on the throne — is now dead at his hand. What is more, Raedric has issued an ultimatum: either the Watcher will return to face him again in person, or his army of the undead will raze Caed Nua to the ground.


When you enter the area, you are met by a Fampyr. You can kill her, but if you ask her instead to take you to Raedric, it saves having to search for him. After you killed Raedric, you can recruit her for your Stronghold (-3 prestige, +5 security, Copper pands (cp)20 per day).

Raedric can be found on siege platform (top level of the ramparts, north-east), accessible from the middle of the sanctuary. When the fight starts, his first action is a wide-area fire attack that does a lot of damage.

Killing Raedric completes the quest. You gain an Extraordinary amount of Reputation with Gilded Vale, and a large amount of experience.

Afterward, the hold is abandoned, so if you didn't clean it out before, you can do so now with impunity.


  • If the player kills Raedric in Lord of a Barren Land but does not complete The Champion of Berath, the ending reveals that Raedric has returned and slaughtered the inhabitants of Gilded Vale.
  • The game files indicate that this quest may originally have been named Deathguard.


ID Objectives
0 The Champion of Berath
10000 Having slain Lord Raedric, I thought Gilded Vale freed from his influence. But it seems that something stirs in that great keep yet. This may be the work of a new usurper after the throne, or mere superstition. Either way, it may be worth investigation.
1 Return to Raedric's Hold and find your challenger
10001 While in the Celestial Sapling in Twin Elms, I encountered a former guard from Gilded Vale. He claims that Lord Raedric himself has returned to his keep - despite his having died at my hand.

Apparently Raedric seeks vengeance upon me for having ended his life, and has issued a challenge. It may be worth investigating, in any case.

20000 It seems Nedmar survived the change in regime. He told me that Lord Raedric is waiting up at the top of the tower.
20001 It seems that Osrya survived the chaos around Raedric's return, settling back into her favored position. All the same, she was quick enough to tell me where he is: waiting for me at the topmost point of the keep.
2 Defeat Raedric VII
10002 It appears that Raedric's resolve has kept him tethered to his mortal body, and this cycle. It will be no easy task to see him torn from it once again.
3 Return to Raedric's Hold and find your challenger
10003 It seems that I have been issued a challenge - from Lord Raedric VII, whom I believed slain.

Raedric would have me seek him out at his keep for a final, decisive encounter - or else risk further attacks upon my own stronghold. Whatever fell art or deceit has brought about his apparent resurrection, it seems answers await at Raedric's Hold.

End states
No Quest Failed (Somehow?)
30000 Someone critically important to this quest has died.
Yes Killed Raedric (Again)
30001 I have defeated Lord Raedric VII, for once and for all.