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The Changing of the Guard is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Warning: Accepting this quest means choosing House Doemenel as your faction in Defiance Bay, meaning you can no longer ally with nor perform quests for The Dozens or the Knights of the Crucible.


Speak with Gedmar Doemenel after completing A Two Story Job, and he'll request that you murder Marshal Wenfeld of the Knights of the Crucible, and place a token of The Dozens (which he puts in your inventory) on a nearby altar to frame them for the murder. Before you leave the manor, Abrecan Doemenel tells you not to place the token on the altar so that everyone knows who is responsible.


  • Go to the Crucible Keep in First Fires and wait in the altar (east side of the building).
  • Marshal Wenfeld will eventually stop by to pray, where you can then attack him. He casts priest spells and wears heavy armor, but should be no issue for a full party.
  • After you've killed Wenfeld, either place the Dozens token on the altar to frame The Dozens, or return to the manor without placing it.

Completing this quest gives The Watcher a bonus talent, The Merciless Hand. In addition you can choose a favor from Gedmar Doemenel, either money (Copper pands (cp)10,000) or Misery's End.



ID Objectives
0 The Changing of the Guard
10000 Marshal Wenfeld, one of the Crucible Knights, has made his personal crusade to disrupt and destroy Doemenel business activities in Defiance Bay. Gedmar would like him dead, and he'd like the Dozens blamed for the killing.
1 Assassinate Eldrid Wenfeld in the Crucible Keep in First Fires.
10001 Gedmar wants Marshal Wenfeld dead before the latter rallies the Crucible Knights against House Doemenel. Gedmar suggested that I could find my target alone in the chapel.

Lord Doemenel wants the assassination blamed on the Dozens. He gave me a token from the Dozens to place on the altar in the chapel.

20000 Abrecan approached me and asked me not to blame the Dozens for the attack. He thinks his father has been too cautious, and he wants to return to the days when the Doemenel name was feared throughout the city.
2 Return to Gedmar Doemenel.
10002 Wenfeld is disposed of. Lord Doemenel will want to hear of my success, but he also asked me to plant the Dozens token on the altar in the keep's chapel.

Abrecan, on the other hand, told me not to leave anything linking the assassination to the Dozens.

20001 I've placed the token on the altar as Gedmar Doemenel requested.
End states
Yes Eldrid Killed Silently
30000 Gedmar was impressed that I assassinated Eldrid without alerting anyone.
Yes Eldrid Killed Loud
30001 I assassinated Eldrid, but Gedmar was displeased at the collateral damage.
Yes Warned Eldrid
30002 I warned Eldrid of Gedmar Doemenel's assassination plot. He rewarded me for my actions.
Yes Blamed Dozens
30003 I assassinated Wenfeld and left evidence that points to the Dozens. This should escalate the conflict between the Dozens and the Crucible Knights, just as Gedmar Doemenel intended.
Yes Didn't blame Dozens
30004 I assassinated Wenfeld and didn't leave the token from the Dozens. The Crucible Knights will likely suspect House Doemenel for the murder, but this will also earn the clan infamy, just as Abrecan intended.
No Gedmar killed
30005 I assassinated Lord Doemenel and turned House Doemenel against me. Whatever's left of it, anyway.