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The Collected Annals of Llengrath is a book and quest item in The Forgotten Sanctum. Involved in the quest Root and Branch.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The gods strip us of who we are on every turn about the Wheel, mercilessly shaving off all we've learned with their divine lathes.

We retain the pale shadows of our souls, but knowledge, memory, self - all of it is cut away.

Do the gods fear we might someday rival their strength if they do not?

The trees of Eir Glanfath possess souls as strong as any kith, and their entangled roots extend for miles.

But dig beneath any of them, follow those roots, and you'll see - they don't end, but lead to a neighbor. They're many souls sharing one body.

Why shouldn't willing kith be able to do the same?

A limb may be grafted from one tree to the trunk of another, and in time, they'll bear sweeter fruit together than either might have alone.

Mightn't it be possible, then, to graft a scion soul to the rootstock of a willing kith?

The souls wouldn't fracture but coalesce. They'd grow stronger together.

The gods see fractured souls, but they don't care for them. Damaged, broken people are abandoned by their makers to twist in the wind, given no succor, no relief.

Would an intentionally fractured soul be similarly inconsequential to them?

I will use their apathy against them. I will make their disdain serve me.

A grafted soul is obscured from the sight of the gods. It spreads freely like a blood fever but doesn't kill its host.

No, I will be a fever of the spirit. Invisible. Unstoppable.




  • This item is the most expensive item in the game, including armor and weapons.