The Cult of the Sanguine Harvest

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The Cult of the Sanguine Harvest
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The Cult of the Sanguine Harvest is a document in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Excerpted from The Legends of Eora by Amaia, scholar of Rauatai.

"In all my travels among the islands of the Deadfire Archipelago, I have heard tell of no cult so feared as the Sanguine Harvest.

All that is known of them is hearsay and rumor. Based on this, I would be inclined to conclude that the Sanguine Harvest are little more than a story. But how is one to explain the disappearances of innocent kith around the 16th of the month?

What may have befallen these poor souls is dismal indeed. Those few I spoke to who claimed knowledge of the Sanguine Harvest would swear to me only that they received it secondhand, and they had this to say:

On the 16th of every month, the Sanguine Harvest choose one unlucky captive to kneel before their altar and become fodder for a cabal of fampyrs. Through this act, the leader, or 'Grand Harvester,' empowers a fearful, soul-draining greatsword. To what end the Grand Harvester then puts this sword is unknown.

The cult members, or 'Harvest Cantors,' then dance around a fire in a state of mindless, ecstatic joy.

They clothe themselves in robes of black edged in red, and on their robes is the image of a large dagger cutting three kith in half.

It sounds too ridiculous to believe, does it not? And yet, I wonder."

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