The Deck of Many Things

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The Deck of Many Things
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Deck of Many Things Pack
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The Deck of Many Things is a ship in Deck of Many Things Pack.

Background[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The vessel boasts the sharp angles and flat front of a junk, but it does not fly the colors of Rauatai or any other naval power. Its banners identify it as a merchant ship.

The craft's hull appears heavily reinforced, and its gun ports bristle with cannon, but it cuts a non-hostile path through the sea.

The Deck of Many Things is an ancient ship with the deceptive external appearance of a simple Rauataian junk. However, upon closer inspection, the Engwithan inscriptions and copper wiring indicate the ship is much older than that, perhaps dating back to the fabled empire itself! At any rate, its current appearance is the work of Sautara, who has renovated it to resemble the junk. She is intimately familiar with the complex, confusing innards of the ship, which include copper wiring, adra, Aedyran runes, and even Vailian piping. It is truly a confusing beast.

Characters[edit | edit source]