The Doughty Burglar: A Dyrwoodan Farce, Part 1

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The Doughty Burglar: A Dyrwoodan Farce, Part 1
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The Doughty Burglar: A Dyrwoodan Farce, Part 1 is a book in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Characters, in order of appearance Belmis, the Doughty Burglar
Torfal, the man of the house
Clanna, the lady of the house
Pafenda, the maid
Ireby, an important visitor

Setting: Interior. The sitting room of Torfal's house. Night.
The stage is dark. The door to the room opens and Belmis enters, holding a candle. He walks slowly through the room, picking up items, examining them, and replacing them. Presently, there is a noise off-stage. Belmis freezes and listens.

TORFAL (offstage): Enough of this nonsense! I told you we would be returning early!
CLANNA (offstage): You said early! You didn't say we would be inexcusably rude!

The voices are approaching the door to the sitting room. Belmis extinguishes that candle and hides behind chair at the end of the stage opposite the door. The door opens.

TORFAL (entering, followed by Clanna and Pafenda, voice even and controlled): This meeting is very important, Clanna, my little cowslip. Ireby is taking this meeting himself. This is unheard of!
CLANNA: But, Torfal-
TORFAL: Not another word!

Belmis's head appears over the chair during this exchange. He watches the three interact. When Clanna talks, he is entranced by her.

TORFAL: Pafenda, have all the preparations been made for Ireby's arrival?
PAFENDA: Yes, sir. The special brandy has been brought from the cellar. And the... other refreshment has been prepared as well.
CLANNA: Other... Torfal! Don't you dare!
TORFAL: If that's what it takes, Clanna, that's what I'll do. Now, go prepare yourself for Ireby's arrival. We must all look our best. This contract must not fail!

All three leave the room. Belmis stands.

BELMIS: Who was that vision? Who was that goddess? Who was it that has stolen my heart just as surely as I would steal hers? I must know her. I must meet her. I must have her! But how?