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The Doughty Burglar: A Dyrwoodan Farce, Part 2 is a book in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Belmis stands in front of the drink tray.

BELMIS (picking up a small metal box next to the brandy): What could possibly convince him to give her up?

Belmis opens the box and observes its contents. He looks up, a wicked grin on his face. He closes the box and sets it down.

He turns his back, lost in thought. The door flies open and Torfal enters. He sees Belmis and stops. Belmis turns at the noise of the door, eyes wide.

TORFAL: (beat) What-
BELMIS (immediately, rushed, interrupting): Torfal, my good man! Such a pleasure to finally meet you after so long!
TORFAL: (beat) Who-
BELMIS: Ireby! Surely you were expecting me? Did you not get word I would be here tonight?
TORFAL: (beat) When-
BELMIS: I only just now arrived. The weather kept me up, else I would have arrived sooner.
TORFAL: (beat) How-
BELMIS: Pafenda let me in and told me to wait for you in here. She said she was off to find you.
TORFAL (beat): Ireby... Of course! Welcome to my home. So sorry for my manners! I was not expecting you for at least an hour.

They shake hands and then Torfal starts pouring drinks for them.

BELMIS: Yes, well, it's just this contract! I am eager to settle the matter. We both know it must not fail, don't we?

Torfal stops.

TORFAL: But I was told you were set against this! I invited you here to convince you!
BELMIS: Would you rather I change my mind back? Shall we argue a belabored point or shall we celebrate our new accord?
TORFAL (laughing): Of course! Of course! How stupid of me!

Torfal holds a glass out to Belmis.

TORFAL: To business!
BELMIS: To business!

Belmis sets the glass down and picks up the box. He opens it and sticks his finger inside. It comes out with a dark paste on it. He reaches toward Torfal's mouth.

BELMIS: Shall we celebrate properly?
TORFAL: Oh, no. No, no, no. I never touch svef, but I knew you were partial to it. By all means, go ahead...

Belmis grunts and looks at his finger. He approaches Torfal.

TORFAL: I must say, this turn of events is quite welcome. I was sure it would take hours to-
BELMIS (thrusting his finger at Torfal's mouth): What is that?
TORFAL (turning his head so Belmis's finger passes by his lips without touching): What?
BELMIS (sighing): Oh, nothing. My mistake... I was sure I saw something.

Belmis walks around behind Torfal and approaches him from the other side.

TORFAL: I was sure it would take hours to convince you to see things from my side. It does my heart good to-
BELMIS (thrusting his finger at Torfal's mouth again): There it is again?
TORFAL: (turning his head so Belmis's finger passes by his lips without touching): What? Where?
BELMIS (under his breath): Damn! (louder) Nothing. I guess I was imagining things.
TORFAL: That must be incredibly potent svef! I've never heard of it working before application! Be careful now!