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Disambig.png This article is about the quest in Beast of Winter. For the location, see The Drowned Kingdom.

The Drowned Kingdom is a quest in Beast of Winter.


The Drowned Kingdom is an echo realm from the ancient past, inhabited by the Huana. It's crafted from the regrets of King Wingauro o Watūri I, the ruler of Ukaizo, who invited the Engwithans to build their animancy machines in the city, bringing about its downfall.


  • Be sure to pick up Kaihōa, dropped by the Aumaua spirit (Shambling Soul) encountered near the entrance to the Drowned Kingdom, before entering the realm.
  • You may want to do The Endless Queries and get Betrayal before doing the Drowned Kingdom.


  • As you enter, you will see 3 Huana advisors fleeing you. Follow them through the portal, then question them to learn that they are what remains of the King's council, who warned him against granting the Engwithans permission to settle in the city and work on their projects. They will reveal that they built massive machines, taller than the city itself, then killed thousands when they activated them. Now they're forever fleeing the Engwithan persecutors. Deal with the soul collector that attacks at the end of dialogue (The 3 advisors turn red and attack as well).
  • Head to the northwest and deal with the collectors, then interact with the large conch to alter the water level. Do the same with the one by the entry portal, then return to the start. Go west through the emptied pools, interacting with the lost souls to learn the thoughts and doubts of the king as he met the Engwithans. Collecting them is essential. Use the conch again to lower the water at the next pool. Use the portal at the far end to land at the Pool of Lost Memories. Kill the Scourge, then use the portal.
  • Collect the essence again, then use the conch to lower the water at the next pool, leading into the Sunken Crown. Collect the final soul, to learn of the fall of Ukaizo, then head into the Crown. Defeat the Scourge and Wardens, then approach the throne to meet King Wingauro.
  • Wingauro can be greeted in a variety of ways. Begin "allowed" to ask him questions means picking the non-aggressive dialogue options. Bowing, lying, begin a aumaua (race) or taking advantage of your aristocratic background to announce yourself as an emissary from a distant land, come to seek Wingauro's favour. As is the near-universal custom, you must offer the king a gift in order to continue the audience. Alternatively, you can use Diplomacy 8 / Bluff 8. He will appreciate your manners and politeness, and allow your questions. You can ask who he is, whether his kingdom predates Ukaizo (Insight 8 to ask if he had any sons to inherit the kingdom), or what happened to his kingdom. Bringing Tekehu allows for an unique interaction, but otherwise, Wingauro will boast of his kingdom like Ozymandias. Centuries of imprisonment turned him into little more than a petulant child. You can use Betrayal to take on the appearance of the King's lost son, Edanke o Watūri III, or Diplomacy 4 / Intimidate 4 to break the news to him. In the visage of Edanke ("Eda", to his father), you can also use Diplomacy 4 / Intimidate 4 to try to persuade him of the situation, and Insight 4 to point out he know his denials are nothing but denials. Either way, Wingauro will break down, screaming that he will not take the blame for what happened.
  • ("The Huana still thrive in the Deadfire. Your legacy survives you".) Despite his fervent denial of responsibility, he will finally relent, and admit that he was swayed by the Engwithan's promises of glory, strength and growth; that they exploited his weakness, greed and arrogance. If you are in the guise of Edanke, you can choose whether or not to forgive him.
  • As with the other realms, you can choose to enlist the King's aid in defeating Neriscyrlas, offer to guide him to the Wheel, or destroy his realm and make him accept the White Void. Return to the Passage.
    • If you used Betrayal to pose as Edanke, you will have the opportunity to hug the king.


ID Objectives
0 The Drowned Kingdom
10000 I've found a corner of Rymrgand's domain dominated by the sea. Timeworn stone structures encrusted in coral rise in the distance, and the waters flow seemingly from nowhere.

If I find the spirit responsible for this place, perhaps I can enlist it to my cause.

1 Search the Drowned Kingdom for soul fragments.
10001 The denizens of this realm are frightened of me, believing me an invading outlander. If I'm to find answers to what happened here, I'll need to locate the king who sent them into exile.

Perhaps I can learn more from the soul fragments lingering in the water.

20000 I found a soul fragment in the water. It showed me the meeting of an ancient monarch and a curious traveler from a distant land.
20001 The second soul fragment impressed on me the image of a king keen to demonstrate the expanse of his empire to his foreign visitor.
20002 In the third soul fragment, I saw the king agree to give his new councilor a place to build a machine to speak with the gods.
20003 In the fourth and final fragment of the soul, I witnessed a kingdom fall to ruin by treachery and divine retribution.
2 Locate the throne within the Sunken Crown.
10002 I've collected several fragments of the soul of an ancient Huana king.

If I return the spirit to its seat of power, perhaps I can convince it to help me destroy Neriscyrlas.

End states
Yes 30000 I convinced King Wingauro o Watūri I to make peace with his failures. He agreed it was time for him to leave the Drowned Kingdom, so I scattered his essence to the void.
Yes 30001 I convinced King Wingauro o Watūri I to make peace with his failures. Bolstered by a newfound courage, he agreed to aid me in my fight against the dragon Neriscyrlas.
Yes 30002 I convinced King Wingauro o Watūri I to make peace with his failures. He agreed it was time for him to leave the Drowned Kingdom, so I absorbed his soul to return it to the Wheel.
Yes 30003 I could not convince King Wingauro o Watūri I to make peace with his failures. He has chosen to remain in the Drowned Kingdom until he is taken by the White Void.