The Dyrwood, Part 2: The Broken Stone War

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The Dyrwood, Part 2: The Broken Stone War
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The Dyrwood, Part 2: The Broken Stone War is a book in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

In 2626 AI, a group of farmers, while clearing farmland for planting, accidentally knocked down one of the ancient adra menhirs on their land. This innocent act drew the ire of the native population and started what would come to be known as the Broken Stone War. When it was finally over, several thousand colonists have been killed as well as hundreds of the Glanfathans. Even though the war was technically over, the Glanfathans escalated their attacks on the settlers over the next two years using vicious tactics that left many colonists, several military figures, an erl, and six thayns dead.

Unable to stop the Glanfathan attacks, the erls elected erl Edrang Hadret to the position of gréf . Well respected and known to be a master of military tactics, he was tasked with dealing with the Glanfathan threat. Edrang fought with the Glanfathans, led by an orlan named Regd, for the next two years. Neither side can gain the upper hand on the other resulting in a tense stalemate between the two groups. Because of this stalemate, the hostilities slowly died off and in 2631, the Dyrwoodan people signed a treaty with the Glanfathans. Regd would step down, the Glanfathans would stop their attacks altogether, and the Dyrwoodan people would leave the ruins alone. This treaty angered the nobility in Aedyr, as it brought to a halt the supply of artifacts. Edrang also tried to get the practice of slavery outlawed, but this was not successful. Because of this, the peace between the Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath is uneasy and tumultuous. Small patches of rural violence still cropped up, but were easily dealt with, as neither side wanted another war.

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