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Disambig.png This article is about the location in Beast of Winter. For the quest, see The Endless Queries (quest).

The Endless Queries is a location in Beast of Winter.


This shattered realm represents a memory of the great Engwith, frozen in the times of the Inquisition, forever doubting itself. The Watcher needs to travel through this region to collect the souls necessary to pin-point Neriscyrlas' location, while playing out some of the most horrific religious trials to take place in Eora's history.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a shattered realm, as usual, and you need to access the portals at the top of the pillars to progress (navigating through some truly impossible geometries on the way). Each portal leads to a trial chamber, where you're prompted to assume either the role of the interrogated or the interrogator, under Inquisitor Naxiva.
  • The northeastern pillar also leads to an explorable area, allowing you to pilfer a few unique items. Mind the traps on the lower platform.



  • Oathbreaker's End: Held by the statue to the southeast.
  • Corroded Vambraces: In a chest by the central adra piller. Activate Eothas' light ray to repair the bridge, or use ability like Leap.