The Enigmatic God of Cold

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The Enigmatic God of Cold
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The Enigmatic God of Cold is a book in Pillars of Eternity, it is about the deity Rymrgand.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Young students are often confused by Berath and Rymrgand's seemingly overlapping roles in holding dominion over death. Berath oversees the cycle of life, death, and rebirth; Rymrgand oversees the cold, destructive act of death itself - this difference is often difficult for novices to appreciate until they've lost a loved one and endured the absence for a time - it is Berath that determines we will be reborn just as certainly as we will die, but Rymrgand is the executioner's axe - Rymrgand shows us that all life ends in stillness.

I need only show them the symbol of Rymrgand - the bone-white aurochs skull found carved within the most ancient of Engwithan ruins... it is a symbol of death and doom in every culture - any child with four winters under his belt needs no introduction to the ancient symbol.

Rymrgand embodies not just death, but all manifestations of collapse - be they famine, plague, or simple bad luck. Rymrgand is a primal god, silent and inscrutable as death itself. He makes himself known with his passing, not by proclamation. There are innumerable stories of the god's terrifying passage through the lands of Eora. When the Beast of Winter stirs, bitter winds and beastly howling follow the creature's every move. Wherever the beast plants a hoof, all life withers into dust. The faithful of Rymrgand insist that even another god's life can end in stillness, they claim the other gods must flee from the Beast of Winter's mastery over death - but we know not if this boast holds true.

Though the Beast of Winter is shrouded in snowy clouds, those who have seen the shaggy white monster claim that the souls of the fallen can be seen clinging (or perhaps frozen) to the beast's fur. The dwarves of the boreal south have numerous stories that tell a similar plot: a brash hero seeks out the Beast of Winter to rescue the souls trapped in its fur... these tales never end well, for even if the hero saves his beloved's soul, the hero dies in the process - for it is not a proper tale of Rymrgand unless the hero's life ends in stillness.