The Fangs (book)

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The Fangs
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The Fangs is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the faction of the same name.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

As I have stated, not much is known about this group by the world at large because they don't welcome outsiders into their numbers. While many believe they are xenophobic and openly hostile to all who enter Eir Glanfath, the truth doesn't seem to be as broad or deadly - and certainly not that simple.

There are many places in Eir Glanfath that could be called 'magical' or 'sacred' to the Glanfathans. One legend states that the Engwithans, who had suddenly abandoned their kingdom and left for places unknown, took the time to guide the ancient Glanfathan tribes into the now vacant land. The Glanfathans were gifted with the fertile area as their new homeland, but in return for being given such a gift, an oath was required. The Glanfathans were instructed to protect the Engwithan ruins until such time as they could return and reclaim the ruins. They were required to swear that no living person, including the Glanfathans themselves, would be permitted entrance into the ruins. Differing accounts suggest that the Glanfathans were promised more than a homeland - that the Engwithans were the favored people of the gods, and that keeping their oaths would confer similar benefits to the Glanfathans in the end.

Oddly, the rules do not seem to apply as strictly within the borders of Twin Elms, a site built upon a large concentration of Engwithan structures. But it would seem that this is unlikely a selective oversight on the part of the Glanfathans and more probably part of the terms of the original compact.

In any case, the Glanfathans came to take their role as guardians seriously, revering the sites and developing rituals designed to protect and guard the ruins. Over time, these rituals became rote formality to some, as much legend and superstition as any other stories passed down. This is not to say the Glanfathans ceased all attempts to uphold their oath (see the section about the Ten Years Treaties in my book about Admeth Hadret), but the intense devotion to the oath tended to vary from tribe to tribe and clan to clan. Not so with the Fangs, however. The Fangs are a group joined not by ties of kinship or even community, but of belief. Of all the groups of Eir Glanfath, it is the Fangs who seem most intent on keeping the promise their ancestors made to the Engwithans.

Just because their fanaticism and zeal are not as widely sweeping as many think does not make them any less dangerous. The Fangs are not known to reason with those they view as transgressors. If they feel you have in any way violated the sanctity of a sacred space, their judgment is swift and exact. Reports of the Fangs attacks can be found in records dating back to the first colonial explorations of Eir Glanfath, and even the smallest of a perceived slight can be worthy of execution.

The order itself seems to consist mainly of hunters. Whether they are recruited as skilled hunters or trained once they gain access to the order, it is unknown. From all accounts, once they join the Fangs, hunting game falls second behind patrolling Eir Glanfath and protecting the ruins, so it is the author's opinion that it is the former.

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