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The Final Act is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.


Kurren, a Dunryd Row cipher, needs aid in looking into some disappearances that he's too busy to investigate. Kurren suspects that animancers are behind it, and he wants the Watcher to resolve the matter by any means that they can. Kurren knows about three recent missing individuals and the individuals who reported the disappearances. Oly, Lora, and Elcga might be worth talking to.


Part 1: The First Act[]

If you enter Hadret House in Brackenbury and head into the war room, you'll find detective Kurren. Ask him if he needs your help, and if you already have gained Lady Webb's confidence he'll mention a few unsolved missing persons cases. Keep asking about the cases to learn that Kurren believes all three are connected. Tell him you'll look into it, and continue to ask for details to learn that you should question three potential witnesses.

Go and talk to all three of them, it doesn't matter in which order:

Witness Location Information given
Oly Ondra's Gift, inside the Salty Mast, at a table to the right of the entrance Lendry, his missing drinking buddy, left with a woman named "Lumdala" the night he disappeared.
Lora Copperlane, one of the merchants in the central market place Kora, her missing sister, was with the "Revel of Stars" acting troupe.
Elcga Brackenbury, in the streets, between the central fountain and the staircases, leading up to House Doemenel Kendal, her missing boyfriend, was an actor and was spending time with some fancily dressed female actor.

All of this information incriminates Lumdala, leader of the Revel of Stars acting troupe, who stands next to the amphitheater in Copperlane. If you want, you can confront her after questioning only one or two of the witnesses, but she will just discredit their testimony and make excuses. If Aloth or Grieving Mother are in your party, they'll advise you not to trust this woman, but nonetheless the quest won't progress until you've learned the incriminating information from all three witnesses.

Part 2: The Second Act[]

After having collected all the witness's information, head to the amphitheater in Copperlane and speak with Lumdala. She'll still deny her involvement and dare you to prove it, but her associate Kadal – who overheard everything – is much less resolute. If you were Passionate in your accusation against Lumdala, she excuses herself and leaves you to speak with Kadal; otherwise he discretely approaches you. Either way, Kadal ends up speaking to you, and asks you to meet him at Lumdala's House.

Lumdala's House is located near the north gate of Copperlane. Enter it and chat with Kadal, and he will make a confession and give you a Rusty Bronze Key which opens the door to the room behind you. You can now choose to let Kadal go or end his life, then enter the room and find a staircase that leads to a hidden theater inside the Copperlane Catacombs.

Part 3: The Third Act[]

Lumdala and her "troupe"

Inside, look for a Scarf on the stage. You can pick it up, which connects yours and a soul attached to it. It turns out that it belonged to Kora – one of the missing persons –, and that she was murdered here in a gruesome snuff film-like theater production, organized by Lumdala for an audience of rich people.

Enters the latter – now fully armed –, accompanied by a band of thugs, and initiates conversation. You have three options:

  • Kill her and the five armed actor thugs
  • Accept her offer to take out a wealthy patron, funding her performances
  • Pretend to take her offer in order to get the information on Lord Gaderman, said patron, but then kill her anyway

Head back to Brackenbury and take your decision, how this play should end.

Part 4: The Final Act – Conclusion[]

If you learned about Lord Gaderman, you might want to confront him, hearing his story. Find him in Brackenbury next to the statue by the Charred Barrel. You can:

Extort him and let him off the hook. → He will give you Copper pands (cp)1,000.
Tell him, someone needs to be blamed, and accept his idea to frame Linete Reymont. → He will give you Copper pands (cp)1,000 and Linete's Signet Ring for evidence.
Be honest and reject his plea. → He will commit suicide (dropping only a few Copper pands (cp) as loot).

Head back to Kurren at Hadret House and deliver your report. No matter how you bargained with Lumdala and if or if not you've spoken with Gaderman, there's no getting round incriminating someone:

  • Be honest and report Lumdala.
  • If you learnt about Lord Gaderman, report only him.
  • Be honest and report both of them, provided you know about him.
  • Frame Linete and hand over the ring – a cruel and deceptive choice.
  • Depending on how you dealt with Kadal, you also have the option to report him.

If you decide to frame Linete Reymont, but went to her house and killed her before reporting to Kurren, he will give you slightly different dialog. However, there's no benefit to this (outside of role-playing), and killing her will have a negative effect on your reputation. Additionally, there isn't even an option to talk with her or her father about the matter, which could lead to a fight – you'd simply have to attack her.

Regardless of who you chose to report or frame, Kurren will honor the outcome of your investigations, and you receive a Moderate reputation increase with Defiance Bay. Additionally he offers a monetary reward, which depends on your response:

Refuse the reward Copper pands (cp)0, instead the reputation gain changes to Major
Simply accept the reward Copper pands (cp)3,000
Use your Resolve (14 required) to convince Kurren, you'd deserve more Copper pands (cp)4,000

And that concludes the quest.

If you want, you can go back and tell the three witnesses, their respective friends and loved ones are dead, but this has no effect other than giving you some more opportunities of dialog choices that shape your personal reputation.


ID Objectives
0 The Final Act
10000 Kurren, a Dunryd Row cipher, asked me to look into some disappearances that he's too busy to investigate. Kurren suspects that animancers are behind it, and he wants me to resolve the matter by any means I can.
1 Speak with the three contacts.
10001 Kurren told me about three missing individuals and the individuals who reported the disappearances. Oly, Lora, and Elcga might be worth talking to.
20009 Oly frequents a brothel in Ondra's Gift.
20010 Lora is a merchant in Copperlane.
20011 Elcga spends her time in Brackenbury.
20000 Oly told me that a woman named Lumdala left with Lendry the last time he saw him. They were going to her home in Copperlane, somewhere near the northern end of the district.
20001 Lora told me that her sister Kora joined an acting troupe called the Revel of Stars before she disappeared.
20004 Elcga said that Kendal was an aspiring actor.
20008 Elcga mentioned that Kendal had started hanging around a woman involved with an acting troupe. She couldn't tell me the woman's name.
2 Question Lumdala in Copperlane.
10002 The evidence points toward a woman named Lumdala and a theater group called the Revel of Stars. There's an amphitheater in Copperlane; perhaps I can find her there.
20007 I overheard a heated discussion between Lumdala and someone named Kadal. It seemed that he wanted out of something - I'm not sure what - and agreed to meet her at her house to discuss the issue later.
20003 Lumdala became unwilling to speak with me once I asked her about the missing people. Perhaps I should check her residence for clues. She lives by the north gate of Copperlane.
3 Investigate the hidden theater.
10003 I should be able to finally discover the fate of the missing people in the hidden theater accessible through Lumdala's house.
4 Return to Kurren at Hadret House in Brackenbury.
10004 I discovered that the missing people were murdered by Lumdala during special 'performances' held in a hidden theater in the catacombs beneath Brackenbury.
20005 Lumdala told me about her foremost patron, a Brackenbury noble named Lord Gaderman. Dunryd Row would no doubt be interested in him, but I could also confront him myself.
20012 I slew Lumdala. She won't be holding any more special performances for her clients.
20006 Lord Gaderman begged me to blame the murders on Linete Reymont. He gave me her signet ring as evidence.
20013 Lord Gaderman is dead. His patronage of the murderous performances in the catacombs is over.
20014 After confronting Lord Gaderman, I decided to let him go free. I can still tell Kurren about him if I choose, however.
6 Get the details from Kurren at Hadret House in Brackenbury.
10006 I told Kurren I didn't have time to help him. He told me to speak with him if I changed my mind.
9 Meet with Kadal.
10009 Kadal, one of Lumdala's fellow actors, wanted to speak to me in private at Lumdala's house in Copperlane. He indicated that Lumdala is more involved with the disappearances than she let on.
Unused strings
- 8 Return to Kurren in Brackenbury.
10008 The clues I collected all pointed to Lumdala, troupe leader of the Revel of Stars. However, since she's dead, the investigation is at a dead end. I should return to Kurren at Hadret House in Brackenbury and let him know what I've found.
End states
Yes Lumdala is Guilty
30000 I told Kurren that Lumdala was behind the deaths of the three missing people. He thanked me for my part in resolving the matter and offered a reward.
Yes Reymont is Guilty
30001 I framed Linete Reymont for the murders. Kurren thanked me for solving this case and offered me a reward.
No Kurren or Contacts Killed
30002 I killed Kurren and put an end to his investigation.
Yes Gaderman is Guilty
30003 I turned in Lord Gaderman, Lumdala's most important patron. Kurren thanked me for solving this case and offered me a reward.
Yes Gaderman and Lumdala are Guilty
30004 I turned in both Lord Gaderman and Lumdala. Kurren thanked me for solving this case and offered me a reward.
No Lumdala killed before confronted
30005 Someone critically important to this quest has died.
No Kadal killed before meeting
30006 Someone critically important to this quest has died.
No Contacts Killed
30007 Someone critically important to this quest has died.