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The Final Voyage is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A peculiar captain by the name of Lofell claims to have come across a dire threat far to the south-east of Neketaka A threat that stole away the crew of his ship, the Antelope.


  • Speak to Captain Teryc Lofell in the central fountain area of Serpent's Crown to start the quest. He only appears after He Waits in Fire, but not if you have already started A Paradise of the Mind on Splintered Reef (see notes below).
  • In order to complete the quest, you need to find Lofell's missing crew members. This is done by completing the first part of the quest A Paradise of the Mind, a summary of which is below.
  • After talking to Lofell, leave Neketaka and head for Splintered Reef at the southeastern corner of the map. The area is a wasteland of shipwrecks inhabited by undead. The residents are under the effects of a spell which makes them believe that they're regular kith. Head to The Pickled Eel and talk to Copperhead to find out more. After the conversation, Zulka and her crew enter the inn with a pair of captives, who are promptly carted to the back room.
  • In order to get to the captives, you'll need to kill Zulka and her crew (along with the rest of the inn's inhabitants, who are commanded to attack as soon as you're spotted by Zulka). Alternatively, if you complete the quest A Paradise of the Mind by making a deal with Menzzago, Zulka and her crew will no longer be present, allowing you to approach the captives freely.
  • Talk to the two captives in the back room. You can examine the iron collar on them using Arcana 15 to determine that the collars possess a similar incantation to the marks on the foreheads of the undead. Doing this, or talking to Copperhead in the boatshed allows you to tell them what is going on. The female captives mentions that they were sailing under Lofell and his ship, the Antelope. After being attacked by The Floating Hangman, they (herself, Kesango, and Daimo) were taken captive by the crew of undead and were brought back to the reef.
  • Tell them to flee (either through the hole in the ship, or through the front door if it's been cleared - it doesn't matter). They will supposedly return to Fort Deadlight, netting you moderate positive reputation with the Príncipi.


  • Returning to Fort Deadlight as the captives suggest doesn't have any effect.
  • You can free the captives without ever having talked to Lofell. Doing so does not start/complete the quest if you have not already started it.
  • Captain Teryc Lofell only appears in Serpent's Crown if a number of conditions are met (see his page for more info). One of the conditions is that A Paradise of the Mind must NOT have been started or completed, which is a requirement for the captives to appear.
  • Given the above, starting the quest A Paradise of the Mind makes this quest (The Final Voyage) unobtainable. Therefore, the only way to start/complete this quest is to talk to Lofell before journeying to the Splintered Reef.
  • If you encounter Lofell after freeing the captives, the quest will be started and completed immediately after finishing his conversation, however this is impossible without cheats.


ID Objectives
0 The Final Voyage
10000 A peculiar captain by the name of Lofell claims to have come across a dire threat far to the south-east of Neketaka. A threat that stole away the crew of his ship, the Antelope.
1 Find the ship graveyard.
10001 Lofell spoke of an island surrounded by shipwrecks, the apparent source of whatever it was that attacked his ship and stole away his crew.

He seemed to think it would be a threat to any captains in the region, and a lethal challenge to the inexperienced.

2 Search for remnants of the Antelope.
10002 I have found the island Lofell described - a hundred ships must have wrecked upon this reef.

Perhaps there will be some sign here of Lofell's ship, or his crew... or else the creatures that attacked them.

3 Free the captives.
10003 I have found Lofell's crew - or what remains of it, for there are only two survivors.

They are tied up within a blood-strewn tavern. Without my help, they'll wind up in a gul's stomach.

End states
No 30000 I have attacked the survivors of the Antelope's crew.
Yes 30001 I managed to clear a path for the two remaining members of Lofell's crew. They promised to sing my praises to the Príncipi of Fort Deadlight, for whatever that's worth.
Yes 30002 By the time I returned to the tavern, there was no sign of the captives. Judging by the round bellies on some of the guls in there, I was too late.
Yes 30003 Lofell didn't survive our encounter, but his story did - I have found the island he spoke of. Perhaps there was some truth in it after all.