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The Fisherman's Penance is a task in The White March - Part I.


Galvino holds a grudge against Grynde, Stalwart's head fisherman. He wants the Watcher to expose Grynde's ripple sponge addiction to the rest of the town.


  • Talk to Galvino to receive the quest and learn of his desire to take revenge on the man who wronged him. Then travel back to Stalwart and sneak into the fishery to search it.
  • There are two ways to go about this. One option is to wait till nighttime and sneak in while the fishery is empty. The other is to go during the daytime, but anyone in the fishery at that time will automatically become hostile when picking up the bracelet. You will incur moderate negative reputation for Stalwart for every enemy killed in the fishery,
  • You can find Arda's bracelet in the back on the shelves, which will reveal Grynde's past and his habit of stealing from other villagers to support his habit... And the fact that he killed his sister when she tried to make him leave Stalwart.
  • Grynde will walk in with several fishermen, including Lurgolder, if you saved him. The bracelet allows you to confront Grynde over killing his sister. At this point, you can:
    • Give him the bracelet, allowing him to continue his work (as he tries to honor his sister's memory through work) (Stalwart Village: Minor Positive reputation).
    • Tell him to come clean with Stalwart with Resolve 16.
    • Manipulate him into coming clean with Perception 15.
    • Demand a bribe.
    • Attack and kill him.
  • After all's said and done, return to Galvino.



ID Objectives
0 The Fisherman's Penance
10000 Galvino holds a grudge against Grynde, Stalwart's head fisherman. He wants me to expose Grynde's ripple sponge addiction to the rest of the town.
Alternate descriptions
40001 I met Grynde, the head fisherman of Stalwart. He's a gruff fellow, but he seems to take a lot of pride in his role.
1 Search the fishery at night.
10001 Galvino believes that Grynde keeps a stash of ripple sponge somewhere in the fishery.

He warned me to search the building at night when all the fishermen have gone home.

2 Return to Galvino.
10002 I've dealt with Grynde. Galvino will want to know how things turned out.
End states
No Quest Failed
30000 Someone critically important to this quest has died.
Yes Killed Grynde while on the quest
30001 I killed Grynde before I discovered anything incriminating. Galvino was disappointed.
Yes Killed Grynde after getting ambushed
30002 Grynde ambushed me, and I killed him. Galvino was satisfied, though he would have preferred to see Grynde thoroughly disgraced.
Yes Got Grynde to leave town
30003 Galvino was pleased to hear that Grynde was leaving town in disgrace. He rewarded me accordingly.
Yes Returned the bracelet to Grynde
30004 Grynde convinced me not to turn him in. Galvino may be disappointed, but I think I made the right choice.
Yes Told Grynde about Galvino's Plan
30005 Grynde thanked me for informing him about Galvino's plot.
Yes Gave Grynde bracelet in return for cash
30006 Grynde paid me for my silence. Galvino will be disappointed.