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The Forgotten is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


A group of adventurers known as The Forgotten are smuggling Engwithan artifacts into Defiance Bay. The Vailian ambassador, Vicent Agosti, wants you to find out how they're doing it so he can devise a plan to discreetly put and end to it, before it causes a diplomatic incident. To do so, he has arranged with the Knights of the Crucible to detain a potential buyer, Mestre Barcozzi from the Republics, so that the Watcher can take his place and discretely learn how they are smuggling items through Defiance Bay.


  • After finishing the quest At All Costs talk to Pallegina. There is no need to accept her into party.
  • Talk to Vicent Agosti in the Vailian Embassy. He wants you to pose as an artifact buyer and figure out how The Forgotten are smuggling Engwithan Artifacts.
  • Head out to Aedelwan Bridge. Once you reach the middle of the bridge, The Forgotten will show up under Orimanth Hassan's command. You can either attack them right away, or ask about their operation. Even if you attempt to do this diplomatically, their sixth member will eventually show up and let them know the real buyer is in prison, blowing your cover and forcing a fight.
  • Kill The Forgotten. There are six of them, which can be a difficult fight if you are low level. It is generally advisable to take out the 2 wizards first, as they have access to annoying crowd control and damage spells, but have low endurance and defenses. Make sure to loot them: they carry high value coins and equipment, including a unique armor, Sanguine Plate.
  • Return to Agosti in the Embassy. Regardless of how you handled the situation, he will give you the same reward.


  • If you do not attack them right away, Orimanth Hassan mentions a loose plank at the southern end of the docks near a sunken ship in Ondra's Gift to place the payment. It turns out that this clue leads to an actual hidden stash in the game, placed by the 'real' buyer.
  • If you enter The Goose and Fox during night time after you've killed Orimanth Hassan and his crew at Aedelwan Bridge, there'll be a spooky reunion.



ID Objectives
0 The Forgotten
10000 Vicent Agosti wants me to stop an adventuring party from looting Engwithan ruins and causing a diplomatic incident.
1 Go to Aedelwan Bridge.
10001 The Forgotten are waiting for Mestre Barcozzi's buyer at Aedelwan Bridge. Agosti wants me to go in the buyer's place in order to uncover details about the Forgotten's Engwithan relic smuggling operation.
2 Pose as Mestre Barcozzi's buyer at Aedelwan Bridge.
10002 Speak to the Forgotten and pose as Mestre Barcozzi's buyer. Find out how the Forgotten are smuggling Engwithan artifacts out of Defiance Bay.
3 Defeat the Forgotten.
10003 The Forgotten won't let me leave Aedelwan Bridge alive. Time to kill them before they kill me.
4 Return to Vicent Agosti at the embassy in First Fires.
10004 I should return to Vicent Agosti and let the ambassador know that the Forgotten will no longer be causing any more problems for him.
End states
Yes Defeated The Forgotten
30000 Vicent Agosti was relieved to hear that the Forgotten won't be looting any more Engwithan ruins and causing him no end of diplomatic headaches.
No Killed Vicent
30001 I killed Vicent Agosti before completing his task.