The Forgotten Army

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The Forgotten Army [WM2]
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The White Forge
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The Forgotten Army is a main quest in The White March - Part II.

The quest is the introduction for The White March - Part II. It's automatically obtained by camping outside the White March, after completing the main storyline quest for The White March - Part IThe White Forge.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Upon witnessing a strange army in their sleep, accompanied by hundreds of eyes, the Watcher realizes that they must travel to the White March and uncover its mystery, lest they fall prey to the mysterious army coming down from the mountains...

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is the overarching quest of The White March - Part II, whose resolution is necessary for any sort of positive ending. It runs in the background, tracking your progress in identifying the threat and eventually figuring out how to deal with it. This means completing:

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 The Forgotten Army
10000 The White Forge has been restored thanks to your efforts in the White March.
Alternate descriptions
40001 I dreamed of an army that poured over the White March and came to destroy me. It found me wherever I fled, and left my fortress in ruins. It felt somehow more than a dream.

I must discover the identity of this army and see what can be done to stop it before it's too late.

1 Seek information about the army in Stalwart.
10001 In my dream, the army came from the White March, near Stalwart. Perhaps the residents will know of it.
2 Investigate the fort.
10002 A fort has been built to the east of Stalwart. It may house the army I seek.
20000 The fort was built by Readcerans with an interest in capturing Durgan's Battery.
20001 Stalwart sent a group of delegates from among their residents to try and parley with the Readcerans, but the delegates never returned.
3 Find out how to call off the army.
10003 One of the Stalwart delegates was a fanatical worshipper of Ondra, who killed herself before she could provide answers.

I learned from her soul that she came from the Abbey of the Fallen Moon, and that the abbot there knows of the army and is able to call it off from a place he called a reliquary.

If I can reach the room, I may be able to stop an invasion before it begins.

20002 The abbot also mentioned that someone called a "Tidebringer" would be coming to replace him. That information could prove useful in infiltrating the place.
4 Reforge Abydon's hammer.
10004 I communed with Ondra, who advised me that the Eyeless will not relent until everyone with specific knowledge of the White Forge has been killed. That includes a great many people, including me.

She believes that if I were to reforge the hammer of their creator, Abydon, from a piece of the original tool, that it could be used to destroy them.

The White Forge will enable me to shape the fragment into a likeness of the original.

5 Reach Cayron's Scar.
10005 Ondra divulged that the Eyeless remain hidden when inactive, gathered together in a place known as Cayron's Scar.
6 Destroy the Eyeless.
10006 I have found where the Eyeless are based. I must find a way to destroy them before they come after me with their full strength.

Ondra has assured me that when the time comes, she will tell me what I must do. She has said that I need to be in the heart of their stronghold in order to execute her plan.

20003 Ondra appeared to me and let me know that I would have to strike at a crystal in the center of the cavern where the Eyeless rest using the fragment of Abydon's hammer.

She believes the Eyeless will come to the sound of their master's hammer and strike at the same spot until the entire cavern collapses. They will be crushed.

However, this means that the person using the hammer will likely share their fate.

7 Rest beyond the boundaries of the White March.
10007 I should depart the White March and rest. In time, Stalwart should begin to mend.
End states
Yes Completed PX2 - Sided with Ondra
30000 I escaped the lair of the Eyeless and as they died, their souls left their bodies. I was able to speak with them. They are fragments of the soul of Abydon himself. I decided to disperse the souls so that they never reach their master, and he remains ignorant of his past and his previous role as god of preservation.
Yes Completed PX2 - Sided with Abydon
30001 I escaped the lair of the Eyeless and as they died, their souls left their bodies. I was able to speak with them. They are fragments of the soul of Abydon himself. I decided to allow them to return to their master, so that he might remember the past, and that he was once the god of preservation.
Yes Completed PX2 - Moderation Ending
30002 I escaped the lair of the Eyeless and as they died, their souls left their bodies. I was able to speak with them. They are fragments of the soul of Abydon himself. We agreed that if I allowed them to return to their master, and he was to become god of preservation once more, that he must in the future temper his actions with context, and allow some things to fade.