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The great wizards of Eora have gathered together for a common cause and reach out to you, the Watcher, for assistance.

The Forgotten Sanctum is the third downloadable expansion for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It was released on December 13th, 2018 alongside Patch 4.0, which itself introduced a number of changes to the game, including two new mega bosses: Mega Boss - Sigilmaster Auranic and Mega Boss - The Helfire Colossus.

A preview of The Forgotten Sanctum was made available to backers on November 20th, 2018.[1]

The recommended companions are Aloth and Fassina, although Ydwin has a significant amount of dialogue as well. Nemnok and Concelhaut also have some dialogue.

Overview[ | ]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The Forgotten Sanctum will be available in November 2018, and will test your party’s allegiance and morality in a quest to help (or obstruct) the great wizards of Eora. Will you befriend, betray or befuddle these venerable mystics as you uncover secrets lost to the generations? Your decision will ripple across the Deadfire Archipelago.

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

When a violent tremor shatters the islands of the Deadfire, the greatest wizards in Eora seek out the aid of the Watcher. The archmage Maura has vanished into the depths of a newly opened dungeon located in the Black Isles and threatens to awaken what lies forgotten there. Follow Maura's trail and determine the fate of one of the Deadfire Archipelago's most closely-held secrets.

  • Traverse an expansive dungeon built into the flesh of a sleeping god.
  • Encounter the highest-level challenges yet faced by the Watcher and their companions.
  • Scheme with or defy the wills of Eora's most powerful wizards.

Features[ | ]

  • The Temple of Revelation, a huge subterranean dungeon beneath the Hall of the Unseen on The Black Isles, serving as the primary setting of the expansion and its namesake.
  • Critter Cleaver: As a fun bonus to The Forgotten Sanctum's core content, the DLC also includes the Critter Cleaver - a way for Watchers to get the pet bonuses they like most with the pet appearance they like most. Watchers of any level can find the Critter Cleaver in the Dark Cupboard in Neketaka and finally travel with a pet that has the perfect stats and appearance they so desire.

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