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The Gréf's Rest is the only inn and tavern in Stalwart Village.


A legacy left behind by the Aedyr Empire, the Rest was the finest (and only) inn in the entire village when the mines were founded. After the Empire pulled out of the Eastern Reach in the wake of the War of Defiance, it remains largely unchanged in its role, except with a dwindling population of patrons as they abandon Stalwart for better prospects.

Points of interest[]

Ground floor
  • The tavern is divided into two floors. The main area contains the fire pit, counter, and tables for the patrons. Haeferic, the owner, mans the counter. Keydy works by the kitchens, while Byrhtwen and Andred are having a knife throwing contest. Join them to bet on the outcome, and learn the talent Flick of the Wrist - if you have the patience for it. The stairs to the cellar are near the bar.
  • The rear area contains three rooms available to the inn's patrons, with Owynna sweeping the rooms. The room at the far end of the corridor is rented by Ailef.
  • This large room contains the inn's stores of food and drink. Teanleycg tends to the craps table with a number of patrons shadowing his every step. They're playing a game of dozens, and you can join for a chance to win (or lose) some money, as well as learn the talent Dozens' Luck. The chest in the upper-right corner contains the prized store of rare spirits that Reyfald craves and is surrounded by six traps, with a seventh on the container. Tean bets ten pands you trip it.


  • Haeferic: Owner, Innkeeper and merchant. For a room simply ask him.
  • Ailef, a Raedceran runaway slave hiding in Gréf's Rest.
  • Andred and Byrhtwen: A pair having a knife-throwing contest.
  • Feara, the only survivor of a failed relic hunter expedition, drowning her cares.
  • Kern [WM2], a dwarf down on his luck.
  • Keydy, if she's saved from the burning house, she will appear here as one of the servants.
  • Nesta [WM2], a businesswoman from Defiance Bay.
  • Owynna, a servant girl.
  • Teanleycg, a dice gambler in the basement.

Related quests[]

Main quests[]

Side quests[]



Room Resting bonus Duration Cost
Room grefsrest copperminnow icon.jpg Copper Minnow 1 rest Copper pands (cp)50
Room grefsrest silvercatfish icon.jpg Silver Catfish 1 rest Copper pands (cp)100
Room grefsrest goldenwhale icon.jpg Golden Whale 1 rest Copper pands (cp)150


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in The Gréf's Rest, see here.
Ground floor:
Chest (Trapped, Difficulty 5 / Hidden, Difficulty 3):
Hidden Compartment (Hidden, Difficulty 10):
Coin Pile:


The sea beheld her love
Shining bright from on high
She bade him come down
From his palace in the sky
Her love could not be swayed
So she took a piece into her heart
And all who saw her grief that day
Sleep in her bosom still