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The Gullet is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The Gullet represents the slums of the great city of Neketaka. Located deep within the island, in the shadow of the splendor of Serpent's Crown or Periki's Overlook, the Gullet is suspended against the massive waterfall that dominates the center of the island. The slums of Neketaka are home to both the Roparu caste of the city's Huana as well as myriad colorful and unsavory figures. Built in a great chasm at the heart of Neketaka, it is where much of the city's refuse, literal and figurative, comes to rest.

The Gullet is home to the Roparu in Neketaka, the lowest caste in Huana society. By Huana tradition, food is distributed from the highest caste to the lowest, as the queen sees fit. This uneven distribution of resources, coupled with an influx of refugees from other islands in the Deadfire, is starving the Roparu to death.

Points of interest[]

  • The northeastern area has the lift to the Old City. As you enter the area, you're treated to an example of how the justice system in the Gullet works: Botaro is dragged to a rusty cage over the abyss, to be dumped into the Old City below. You can gain access to the city by talking to Overseer Hitenga and using either History 3, Survival 5, or paying Copper pands (cp)200.
  • In the northwestern corner you'll come across Rakara, a starving beggar, who will ask for scraps, not money. It also contains exits to The Narrows and other districts of Neketaka.
  • The hut at the central span belongs to Biha, who witnessed Botaro's execution and involved in All Aboard.
  • The southeastern corner contains the local drinking establishment, affectionately named The Hole.
  • Notably, if it's your first visit at the The Hole, you will be accosted by thugs demanding your money soon after you leave. To resolve the situation:
  • The southwestern corner has Enoi's Home, Thelys' Home, and Pitli's Sanctuary.
  • While on the balcony on the top floor of The Hole, if any character in the party has the ability Leap, a new interactable will appear on the railing. When clicked, the party will collectively jump over the railing and onto the landing below, saving you a few moments of loading and walking time. Manually casting Leap is not possible in this instance since the platform below is not within line of sight.


  • Overseer Hitenga, in charge of the roparu in the district.
  • Biha, mother of three.
  • Botaro, Biha's partner, being lowered into the Old City.
  • Enoi, the leader of the Roparu.
  • Rakara, a roparu beggar.

After completing Harsh Medicine