The Hanging Sepulchers

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The Hanging Sepulchers
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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
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The Hanging Sepulchers is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Background[edit | edit source]

An ancient network of catacombs carved in a time long before Neketaka was even founded, the catacombs are the ceremonial resting place of ancient and contemporary Huana chieftains, tightly guarded by Berath's champions.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • The Hanging Sepulchers can be accessed in two ways: Either by accepting Eulogy for the Dead or by interacting with the tree near the entrance and using a rope and grappling hook to rappel down.
  • The interior is a fairly confusing maze of tunnels and chambers. You start in the south if entering by way of the main door. Follow the corridor east. The relief at the door has a hidden switch (requires 14 Perception to find) that opens a secret chamber with plenty of loot in the sarcophagus. The pull chain opens the door, allowing you to explore further. The corridor beyond contains one of the risen soldiers that patrol the corridors, with exceptional gear. This gear alone is why this dungeon is best done at a low level, as it truly helps outfit your team for later.
  • Continue past the bend and a trip wire. Once you attack the risen armsman, four more enemies will spawn, making fighting a dangerous proposal. After dispatching them, inspect the torch on the wall to find a hidden switch that opens the nearby chamber with the Azure Blade. The switch on the wall offers a shortcut to the northeastern part of the map, filled with Darguls. This allows you to shorten the distance and dispatch the dargul shooter without attracting the nearby rotghast. The chamber itself contains the first part of the Eulogy: Eulogy to Yseyr - The Vigil.
  • The central chamber consists of a single platform in the middle surrounded by hanging platforms with buried dead (the sepulchers). Circumnavigate it around the northern end to reach the middle platform. From there, you can head southwest, to reach the entrypoint if you used a rope, and a lever that opens the exit to the Sacred Stair. Farther to the southwest is the Forgotten Mausoleum with a truckload of skeletons and risen in front of it. To the northwest is the final crypt with the last piece of the eulogy, but you need the two other pieces first to know what to say to open the massive doors.
Forgotten Mausoleum
  • This small chamber contains the ancient mausoleum with the second part: Eulogy to Yseyr - The Gate. Loot the place and don't miss Effigy's Husk above the tomb, in the hidden alcove. Once you pick the tablet up, risen spawn, so pick your battle or just sneak out.
  • A part of the main chamber. After speaking the names of the people on the other tablets (you'll need to read the tablets first), open the chamber doors to meet Yseyr the Berathian (be sure to bring Aloth along). Now, Yseyr is a particularly nasty encounter as a death guard, but you can talk him down, first mentioning that Berath sent you, then using Religion 6 to explain you're not after what he protects or History 6 to appeal to his pride. Religion is a sure-fire way to make him peaceful. The final tablet Eulogy to Yseyr - The Sword is in the sarcophagus behind Yseyr.
  • If you are a Death Godlike or pass a 20 Perception/8 Religion check, you can persuade him to give you the Engoliero do Espirs so that you can keep using it in the name of Berath. You'll have to sworn an oath to return it and you'll receive the sword as a quest item.
    • Alternatively, you may simply pickpocket it from him. On normal difficulty, unscaled, this requires at least 3 Sleight of Hand (and good enough Stealth to approach him unnoticed).
  • Note that the sword you receive is a quest item variant of the Engoliero do Espirs. The actual weapon only becomes available during the quest A Dance with Death.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main entrance:

Exterior entrance (both when descending and ascending):

Activating the Lord of Heldengate and Lady of Vigils, respectively: