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The History of Eora, Volume VIII: The Construction of Divine Titans is a book and quest item in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"At the heart of all creatures lie two things: a soul and a seed. A soul needs a seed to grow the body to house it. And the stronger the soul, the more powerful the body. Even a god needs a physical form to act in the material world.

We can't create souls, but we can control them. We can smash them together, tear them apart, and sew them all back together again. But we can't grow a body large enough to house the harvest of a god's soul. Unless we can create the proper seed.

But then, how do you teach an object its purpose?"


  • Restricted Section: Bookcase on the northern wall in the southern part of the main room. First bookcase to the right of the staircase to the Central Stacks.