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The Hole is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The Hole is the tavern for the Gullet, a nasty, foul-smelling place ran for a variety of nasty, foul-smelling clients. As far as the Gullet goes, it's an historic place that's been there as long as the district's been hanging above the chasm.

Points of interest[]

  • The large common room of the tavern is filled with patrons, including a slumming Rauataian crew, with Fyrna keeping a close eye over them and their behavior, in accordance with the two rules the Hole espouses: Keep your hands to yourself and don't fall into the shitter.
  • There's a kitchen in the northwestern corner, where you can snatch a piglet and hire an ogre cook.
  • The stairs to the upper floor are in the southeastern corner. The upper floor contains living rooms, with a pickable chamber to the southeast and Orron and his Goldpact Knights in the northwestern room. The first room on the right belongs to Giacolo, and is ransacked during The Man of Chimes.


Room Cost Effect(s)
Room slums 01.png Stowaway Stay Free
Room slums 02.png Forger's Fancy Copper pands (cp)100


During A Sinking Feeling


  • Onyx - "Worried Pig", in the kitchen
  • Deus - "Hungry Dog", on the balcony


Giacolo's room upstairs is ransacked as part of The Man of Chimes