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The Hunt for the Haemneg's Handmaiden is a quest item in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Far from well-maintained, this tapestry has faded at the center and raveled at the edges, making discerning its subject an exercise in creative interpretation.

Its title alludes to an old Aedyran legend about a folk woman serving in a mixed house of folk and elves. Her mistress, long jealous of the girl's heart-stirring voice, becomes convinced that her folk husband has taken the handmaiden as a lover. In a fit of pique, the lady of the house sends the girl into a nearby tomb, ostensibly in search of a rare spice necessary for a feast for a visiting priest.

When the girl's brother learns of the lady's deception, he braves the tomb and its many traps to rescue his beloved sibling. Their fate has varied with the telling over the centuries - in some versions, he safely returns the girl to the household, she marries the lord of the house, and he ends the haemneg with the scheming elf. In others, the brother finds his sister just as she steps on the trap that ends her life.

The indistinct figures depicted on this tapestry might be the brother and his band as they brave the subterranean barrow, but they might as easily be the elf and her handmaiden, the lord and the fictitious priest, or any other combination of characters from the tale.