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The Hunter Hunted is a quest in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


Returning from the Beyond after fixing Kazuwari's problems (or making them worse) is only one part of the problem. Something has the Crucible in a state of panic - and given the nature of the place, it must be something big.


  • Before the fight, there is a scripted interaction with Galawain, who is none too pleased with your intervention and messing with his affairs. He is extra displeased if you also disabled the machines at Cignath Mór.
  • As it turns out, the God of the Hunt has yet one more trick up his sleeve: The porokoa, encountered first on the way to the island, attacked the arena to wrest control of the island and return it to his influence. Clean up your weapons, put on hip waders, and kill it in the arena.
  • As with the other Crucible fights to the death, the fight is followed by a scripted interaction in which you choose where to direct the slain porokoa's soul energy.
    • You can return the energy to the Wheel, which will please Berath (only if you did not cut the Crucible off from the Beyond using the Tooth of Toamowhai)
      Gain Berath's Gift (+4 Accuracy against Spirits)
    • You can channel the energy back into the Crucible and Kazuwari, which will please Galawain.
      Gain Galawain's Gift (+2 Accuracy against Beasts) - increased Accuracy depending on other choices made prior to this quest.
    • You can absorb the energy for yourself, earning a Culmination Stone. Nature Godlike get unique dialogue here.
    • You can channel the energy into Muatu, further improving the effects of Muātu's Head.
    • If you proposed that Whehami swap his soul with Galawain's beast in Champion of the Hunt and he agreed, you can follow through on that promise by cleaving the beast's soul from Galawain's control with Slayer's Claw and shunt it into the statue to replace the Faces.


ID Objectives
0 The Hunter Hunted
10000 After I returned from the Beyond, a violent tremor shook the Crucible.

It must have been caused by something big.

1 Investigate the arena.
10001 I found the Crucible in a state of panic. Something has happened in the arena. Considering the unusual happens daily here, it might be worth a look.
2 Confront the porokoa.
10002 Galawain's massive porokoa has invaded the arena to wrest back control of the island. One way or another, this rampage has to end.
End states
Yes 30000 I bested the beast and protected the Crucible from Galawain's destructive rampage.
Yes 30001 I convinced Galawain to leave Kazuwari in peace.