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The Inner Mysteries is the final quest in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Fyonlecg, a powerful wizard, has descended into the titanic living body of the deity Wael. If I'm to prevent Maura's murderer from bending the entity to his will, I will have to locate him before he can do further harm.


The quest is the final stage of the DLC and requires the player to first complete both wings of the facility. The goal is to enter the lowest levels of the Temple and find the Oracle. Make sure to grab The Seeds of Deception from either Tayn or Llengrath first.

The Upper Bowels[]

Enter The Upper Bowels, accessed through The Scriptorium, after sacrificing a memory to the machine in the center of the room. After watching a grisly scene of a caretaker dissolved by bile, your goal is to disable the three ducts to turn off the bile.

The Archives Subbasement (northeast corner)

The Observation Center (northwest corner)

  • Eliminate the Observers and their assistants, then destroy the polyps, which will pop the nearby eye and stop another duct.
  • Note: In this area there's also Blinky to collect. Also, between The Observation Center and The Archives Subbasement, make sure to grab a Fragment of Starmetal.

Memory Siphon (southwest corner)

  • Kill the scavengers and The Deep Wrangler, but be careful not to step in the glowing wards on the floor, as they will inflict injuries and possibly kill your party. (The wards will not be present if you read Tayn's spell into the organ)
  • Note: Be sure to loot the piece of the godseed on the pedestal for The Seeds of Deception.
  • Head to the room just to the east, the Excavation Site.
  • Loot the Alchemical Charge from the table near the caretakers.
    • They will turn hostile if they catch you taking the charge, or they will attack after setting it.
  • Interact with the duct and plant the device. It will explode and take out the last duct.

Return to the center of the area and prepare for the final boss fight. When you're ready, descend into The Heart of Mystery to the final confrontation.

Heart of Mystery[]

You'll find Fyonlecg standing before the Oracle of Wael, beckoning for the creature to absorb his essence. After he is absorbed, you can have a brief conversation with him before the fight begins. Absorbing Fyonlecq turns the Oracle into a heavy spellcaster, aided by a throng of supporting monsters including the Scavenger of Visions.

Tips for the battle:

  • The Oracle is immune to Mind Afflictions and Flanking.
  • Spell reflections are useful to keep the damage manageable.
  • Withdraw can be useful for party members focused by his laser beams.
  • Wall of Many Colors, Concelhaut's Crushing Doom, Meteor Shower and other interrupting abilities are useful against the oracle. Especially when any Scavengers of Visions appear, giving you time to lock them down/kill them.
  • However, note that the adds can be hurt by his beam. You can damage them if you position them between you and the oracle.
  • Destroying any Arcane Channels will apply Losing Control to the Oracle, which will briefly stun it.
  • Destroying the Artery Polyps creates a slog zone that will affect your party and any adds.
  • When the Oracle is down to Near Death, petrifying it will basically knock it out of the fight until it can be finally killed. Touch of Death or Worthy Sacrifice from Marux Amanth can be used to finish him.

Looting the body of Fyonlecg will give The Mask of the Weyc (if not looted before). Choosing to finish the oracle after the scripted interaction will drop the Ring of Clenched Muscle. Be sure to loot the piece of the godseed on the pedestal for The Seeds of Deception.


Defeating the Oracle will cause Wael to appear and give the player the chance to decide what to do with the body below the Black Isles. The decision affects the end-game slides, and can have additional consequences.

  1. Put the body back to sleep.
    1. Requires Arcana 13 or Diplomacy 16 or being a priest of Wael.
    2. Wael will tell you to spare the Oracle.
  2. Let the body die.
    1. Can be passed without any special checks, tell Wael "When the titans were last active, they almost destroyed Eora."
    2. Wael will tell you to finish the Oracle.
  3. Turn the body against Eothas.
    1. Requires Arcana 13 or being a priest of Wael.
    2. Or say, "You should really use the body to help us with the Eothas problem" then pass a Religion 10 or Metaphysics 8 or Clever 2 check.
    3. Wael will tell you to finish the Oracle.
    4. This will result in the titan attacking Eothas at Ukaizo. Note: This decision will prevent any choices made during the last conversation with Eothas from appearing in the final ending.
  4. Let the fungus colony take the body.
    1. Requires having a peaceful dialog with the Giant Luminescent Spore.
    2. Requires Arcana 13 or being a priest of Wael.
    3. Or say, "If you're going to let the body die, you might as well let the spores claim it" then pass a Bluff 13 or Streetwise 7 or Religion 10 check.
    4. Wael will tell you to finish the Oracle.
  5. Give the body to Concelhaut.
    1. Requires having Concelhaut's Skull.
    2. Wael will tell you to give Concelhaut's skull to the Oracle
  6. Going against Wael's direction of either killing or sparing the Oracle will change the ending.
    1. Killing the Oracle (instead of sparing it as directed) will result in the body dying.
    2. Sparing the Oracle (instead of killing it as directed) will result in the body going to sleep.


If you have played Torment: Tides of Numenera, this level will feel slightly familiar...


ID Objectives
0 The Inner Mysteries
10000 Fyonlecg, a powerful wizard, has descended into the titanic living body of the deity Wael. If I'm to prevent Maura's murderer from bending the entity to his will, I will have to locate him before he can do further harm.
1 Enter Wael's body.
10001 My offering has earned me entrance into the body of Wael. I can now pursue Fyonlecg.
2 Flush out Wael's bile.
10002 Fyonlecg descended further into the body through a canal that has since been filled with acidic bile. If I'm to find him, I must first clear the way. Perhaps I can disrupt the flow of bile into the channel.
20000 I found a large - and very resilient - conduit pumping bile into the central channel. Perhaps I can find a way to destroy it.
20010 I've acquired an alchemical charge used for demolishing the volcanic stone of the Black Isles. Certainly it will suffice to destroy the bile conduit.
20003 I destroyed the conduit in the southern bowels through the cunning use of bombs.
20001 A large eye directs the flow of acidic bile in a chamber in the western bowels. I must find some way to disrupt its efforts.
20004 I neutralized the giant eyeball.
20002 The body pumps bile from a reservoir in a chamber to the east. There's nothing to be done about the reservoir itself - but perhaps I can find a way to alter the bile.
20006 I've acquired a bottle of antiseptic salve. If I combine it with something else, it might effectively disrupt a body's natural processes.
20007 One of the caretakers' notes mentioned that combining antiseptic salve with a fungal ingredient can result in a potent clotting agent.
20008 I possess both the antiseptic salve and the fungal ingredient. If I add them to the reservoir in the eastern chamber, they should clog the ducts.
20005 I clotted the bile in the eastern reservoir.
20009 TEMP There are explosives set up around the membrane, but they lack a detonator. It must be elsewhere.
3 Descend into the Heart of Mystery.
10003 I've cleared the canal into the depths of its dangerous bile. I can now follow Fyonlecg into the Heart of Mystery.
9 Offer the correct memory to the Scriptorium's Trephine.
10009 To access the body of Wael, I must submit the memory I found in the Collections to the Trephine in the Scriptorium.
10 Face the Oracle of Wael.
10010 Fyonlecg wrested control from the Oracle of Wael, somehow transferring his own soul into the eye-covered monstrosity. Now I must survive his onslaught - the battle to determine the fate of Wael's body.
End states
Yes 30000 I destroyed the Oracle of Wael and, in doing so, killed the god's titanic body.
Yes 30001 I spared the Oracle of Wael. The god's titanic body should slip back into slumber and remain undisturbed.
Yes 30002 I convinced Wael to use his titanic body to aid me in my hunt for Eothas.
Yes 30004 I killed the Oracle of Wael and surrendered the god's material body to the spores of the Archives.
Yes 30005 I spared the Oracle of Wael and surrendered the god's massive body to the archmage Concelhaut.