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The Last Pilgrimage is a quest in Beast of Winter.


Harbinger Brythe is looking for her sister on the Dead Floe, who joined an extremist cult of Rymrgand. She hopes to find and reunite her, before something bad happens.


  • This is a quest obtained at the Watch, but can only be completed once you reach the eastern cavern of the Rimebound Temple. After fighting your way through a troop of pilgrims, talk to Ehrys in the adjacent construct maintenance area, where she will explain that she came to the Temple to cast off her mortal shell and become a rime construct. Reducing her life to simple instructions carved into her core is, in her mind, the perfect way to worship the Beast: It strips off all pride and falsehood until nothing but the essence remains.
  • You can immediately turn her into a construct, which will result in her becoming a new, mindless construct. You can report to her sister, lying that she died or telling the truth. In the latter case, Brythe will try to find her sister in the temple and be promptly slaughtered by her sibling. To save her, you must convince her to remain at the Watch.
  • Alternatively, you can reunite the sisters. To convince Ehrys, who had a divine revelation atop the iceberg, you need either Religion 8/Mystic background (pointing out that withering and rotting is a better form of worship), Insight 10 (deducing that she simply wants a better body), or a Laborer/Dissident background ( ). Then you need either Religion 15, a Mystic background, or a Monk class (continuing the religious argument) or Diplomacy 14 to persuade her to accept herself. Vatnir can be used to make a case that she can inspire other Harbingers, resulting in an amusing response.
  • If convinced to reunite with her sister, seek her out later at the Watch.


ID Objectives
0 The Last Pilgrimage
10000 It seems Brythe's sister Ehrys was among the pilgrims. She hopes I might find some sign of her within the Dead Floe.
1 Enter the Rimebound Temple.
10001 I didn't see anyone matching Ehrys' description at the Outcrop on High. The next place to search would be the temple frozen within the Dead Floe.
2 Seek signs of Ehrys.
10002 I can probably find Brythe's sister - or at least what remains of her - somewhere within the Rimebound Temple. If I'm to locate her, I'll have to search the structure.
3 Deal with Brythe's sister.
10003 Ehrys is alive, though she seems insistent not only in remaining in the temple, but in transferring her soul into one of its guardian constructs.
20000 She's asked my help in the process, and I doubt she can accomplish it without a Watcher's talents.
4 Return to Brythe at Harbingers' Dwelling.
10004 Ehrys perished at the Rimebound Temple. Though I doubt she'll welcome the news, Brythe will certainly want to hear of her sister's fate.
5 Return to Brythe at Harbingers' Dwelling.
10005 I helped Ehrys transfer her soul from her body into a rime construct. I should inform Brythe of her sister's fate.
6 Return to Brythe at Harbingers' Dwelling.
10006 It took some convincing, but Ehrys agreed to return to her sister's side in Harbingers' Watch - assuming the Harbingers don't kill her when she arrives. I should probably make sure she got back to Brythe safely.
End states
Yes check.svg 30000 I informed Brythe of her sister's passing. She was heartbroken but glad to know for sure her sister's fate.
Yes check.svg 30001 Horrified by her sister's transformation into a construct, Brythe left Harbingers' Watch to search out Ehrys at the Rimebound Temple.
Yes check.svg 30002 Though horrified by her sister's transformation into a construct, Brythe agreed not to seek her out at the Rimebound Temple.
Yes check.svg 30003 Brythe and Ehrys have been reunited at Harbingers' Watch. Brythe, at least, is overjoyed by the reunion.
Yes check.svg 30004 I told Brythe that Ehrys had died. It may have broken her heart, but at least she won't go looking for her sister.
Yes check.svg 30005 I told Brythe that I killed her sister Ehrys. Doing so did not endear me to her.
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