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The Light of Dawn: A Readceran Morality Play, Part 2: Compassion and Judgment {{#set:First appeared in=Pillars of Eternity}}
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The Light of Dawn: A Readceran Morality Play, Part 2: Compassion and Judgment is a book in Pillars of Eternity.

Ingame Description

They walk back to the first location, leaving the Starving Man behind. They approach the Injured Man, who lifts his head and winces.

INJURED MAN: A balm? A salve? Surely you know compassion. Surely you can spare anything, even your time, to help me!
MALE: This man is injured and cannot help himself. He is certain to die if someone does not apply ointment and bandages to his wounds. Such compassion could mean his life.
FEMALE: You owe nothing to this man. Surely his injuries are the judgment of his god. He has been tried and found wanting. His punishment is none of your concern.

MALE & FEMALE: What will you do?

The man weighs his options, then kneels down beside the Injured Man. He administers ointment on the man's wounds and wraps a bandage around them.

INJURED MAN: Bless you! May the compassion you show to those less fortunate be shown to you all your days!

MALE & FEMALE: Why did you dress the wounds of the injured?

MAN: I saw a man who was bent and broken. It is not for me to say he has no right to his health, only to help heal if I am able. I have the time to give, so I give. If I can help in a man's rebirth, it is my duty to do so.

MALE (aside, to Female): He knows Compassion, even disguised as an injured man. His spirit is willing.
FEMALE (aside, to Male): Even those with a willing spirit can refuse those in need.

MALE & FEMALE: We will continue our journey.

They walk to the center of the stage where the Beggar, Starving Man, and Injured Man now stand.

MALE: What say you three? What is the nature of this man's soul?

BEGGAR: I am Charity. I know the mind of one who gives freely. This man was willing to give me his last coin. His mind is righteous. His soul is pure.
STARVING MAN: I am Generosity. I know the heart of one who withholds nothing from those in need. This man was willing to give me his last scrap of bread. His heart is giving. His soul is pure.
INJURED MAN: I am Compassion. I know the spirit of one who will sacrifice for the greater good. This man was willing to stay with a stranger and care for him in his time of need. His spirit is merciful. His soul is pure.

MALE: What say you, Magran?
FEMALE : The trial is complete. The judgment has been made. The decision is final. This man has shown Charity, Generosity, and Compassion to those in need. His soul will be reborn. What say you, Eothas?
MALE: The judgment is final. The decision has been made. (He turns to the man) Be on your way. Your soul's transformation has begun. Welcome the light of the new dawn.