The Many Faces of Berath

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The Many Faces of Berath
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The Many Faces of Berath is a book in Pillars of Eternity, it is about the deity Berath.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

How fitting that we know the god of cycles, doorways, mortality, and inevitability as Berath, while the Vailians know this very same god as Cirono. For if nothing else, Berath teaches us that duality exists in all things. There is Life in Death, and Death in Life - embrace this duality and you honor Berath.

In the ruins Eir Glanfath, Berath is depicted in the form of two semi-skeletal figures - one male, one female - Bewnen i Ankew and Ankew i Bewnen - literally, Life in Death and Death in Life in the Glanfathan tongue. Male and female, inside and outside, life and death - we often think of Berath by imagining two sides of coin, or the two end points of a journey.

It said that Berath has the most petitioners of every god, and this likely true - who amongst us has not prayed for the cycle to hiccup? Who has not, in a moment of sadness, yelled at Berath to make an exception for our fallen loved ones?

Berath may not rescue our loved ones but it answers our prayers in its own, divine way. Berath is the god that makes life end in death, and it is also the god that makes death end in life. Berath, Cirono, Bewnen I Ankew, Ankew I Bewnen - whichever of the many names you prefer to use - deserves our prayers, for it has given us the promise of life's eternal renewal.