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Must see how Od Nua makes adra men. Adra... shells, yes? Animal does not need to kill adra men. Just needs shell. Also needing part from machine. Part like a heart of the machine. Adra and shining metal. Last piece is adra. Not the adra from walls. Is different. Pure. Hard to find. Tcharek is hoping there is some below.

The Master's Tools is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.


Tcharek, leader of the vithrack expedition to the Endless Paths, has run into a bit of a snag with his research. He desires to bring back the secret of growing and harnessing adra back to his people, but the animats are making that a particularly difficult proposition. The Watcher is asked for assistance.


  • When you walk into the vithrack nest on level 12 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua, their leader Tcharek talks to you and asks you to find certain adra artifacts for him, which he wants to study to learn the secrets of growing and shaping adra.
  • Make your way to the staircase down to level 13. Kestorik, the leader of Tcharek's scouts, will hold you up on your way there. If you tell him that you're on a mission from Tcharek and aren't rude to him, he'll let you pass peacefully.
  • Once on Level 13 below, find the following three items:
Ancient Engwithan Machine Part Adra Shell Gleaming Adra Fragment
Loot from the Broken Machine in the trapped room just north of the entrance Loot from the Cracked Animat Armor in the center-north room Loot from the Crystal in the center-east room
The masters tools engwithan machine part.jpg
The masters tools adra shell.jpg
The masters tools gleaming adra fragment.jpg
  • Go back up to level 12. If you didn't fight Kestorik earlier, he confronts you once again. He wants to take the artifacts and let Tcharek think he was the one who found them. Avoiding a fight requires Intellect 15, Resolve 16, or Dexterity 18, or you can simply lie that you don't have all the artifacts yet. It is also possible to avoid this fight by proceeding down to level 14 instead, and taking the master staircase up to level 11, from which point you can proceed down to level 12 and reach Tcharek without passing Kestorik. However, it may be preferable to fight him, because then you can get the gems from Tcharek (see below) as well as the loot from Kestorik and his guards, and optionally arrest him and put him in your dungeons.
  • Report back to Tcharek. He rewards you with the unique dagger Drawn in Spring and Copper pands (cp)2,000.
    • If you complain that his scouts attacked you (Aggressive), he gives you a Sapphire in compensation.
    • If you say "That's all I get for helping your colony?", you also get 1x Tâ Ondra Tara, 2x Topaz, 1x Ruby.
  • Krivi will now do business with you. He sells exceptional armor, scrolls, and gems. Also, the grimoire The Leaves of Essence on the table beside him can now be taken with it not being considered stealing.


ID Objectives
0 The Master's Tools
10000 Vithrack have settled into a section of the caves beneath Caed Nua, traveling far from their home colony in search of new knowledge. They have a particular respect for the Master's apparent skill with adra, and wish to learn how to shape it towards their own purposes.
1 Descend further into the next level of the Endless Paths
10001 The vithrack have asked me to help with their research by searching the ruins below their camp for materials. Their leader warned me that the area is guarded by fearsome constructs.
2 Search the ruins
10002 I have reached the ruins below the caves, and can begin my search. The Vithrack have asked me to acquire three items: A refined adra crystal, the armor of one of the adra-laced animats that roam the area, and a piece from one of the ancient Engwithan machines. This will hopefully provide the Vithrack with enough material to base their own experiments on.
20000 I have found a piece of adra-laced animat armor on one of the inactive guardians in the ruins.
20001 I found a crystal of pure, refined adra in one of the laboratories in the ruins.
20002 Examining one of the ancient machines in the ruins has yielded a strange mechanism, laced through with copper. It will likely be of interest to the Vithrack.
3 Return to Tcharek
10003 I have collected all the items the vithrack leader requested. Tcharek promised a reward if I returned them to the vithrack camp.
20003 On my way back to the Vithrack camp, I was attacked by some scouts who wished to take credit for my discovery.
20004 On my way back to the Vithrack camp, I was confronted by some scouts who wished to take credit for my discovery. I was able to convince them to let me pass.
End states
No Quest Failed
30000 I attacked the Vithrack camp.
Yes Retrieved Items
30001 I brought back the items the Vithrack requested. It should provide them plenty of material for research, and hopefully give them something to take home with them.