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The Maw of Ingimyrk is a helm in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The elder wolf Ingimyrk stalked the northern shores of the White that Wends for a generation, preying on kith and beast alike. The great gray predator seemed a monster out of legend, as swift as the wind and intelligent enough to mask its movements with the weather - a shadow in a snow storm.

After his cousin fell to the beast's fangs, the hero Jyrfe set out to prove himself stronger than the storm. He tracked the wolf over much of the White that Wends, sheltering with tribes that had felt the predator's touch and speaking to those who lost kin to Ingimyrk. He studied the creature as one might any enemy, gathering tales of her attacks. Through his gathered intelligence, the Glamfellen realized that which had occurred to no other - those killed by Ingimyrk were almost always important figures within their tribes.

Jyrfe set out on his final hunt, his attention turned to one of the traders who moved between camps in the southern lands. He returned short an arm, but bore Ingimyrk's head in recompense.

He fashioned from it a helm he wore into his final days. He gifted it to his daughter Frygn, who would later travel the Deadfire recording the legends of those lands. When asked about the unusual headpiece, Frygn spoke at length of her father's many exploits but never of the wolf Ingimyrk. Some hunts, she said, were best left unsung.