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The Most Unfortunate Tale of Favia and Bernat: A Vailian Tragedy is a book in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

"Scene: Laia watches Bernat approach Favia's tree, looking for her human form.

LAIA: Behold, now comes the fun,
That for which I have waited.
His love is forfeit, her life is forfeit
And all I have worked toward shall be fulfilled.
He says he knows his love
He says no force in the world could keep him from her
But what chance has force against guile?
Never will he find his love for she is no longer his love
The spell cannot be undone except by her death
And by then, it will be too late.
But, wait, he has seen her!

Laia steps back to observe.

FAVIA: Pray, mortal, why have you come here?
These woods are not for your kind.
The affairs of men have no place at this tree.
Leave. Leave ere your welcome lapses!

BERNAT: Foul creature!
Where is my love? What have you done with her?
Always this has been the station for our encounters.
Never before have I seen you.
Where is my love?
Answer. Answer ere my patience lapses!

FAVIA: Fool! This is my land and this is my tree.
Your presence never before has been felt.
Again I say to you leave!
My generosity will not be extended a third time.

Laia steps forward again.

LAIA: Talk? Discussion?
I know the way to hurry the conclusion of this tale!

Laia takes a breath and extends her throat as if she's yelling, a scream comes from the copse of trees where the pŵgra stands.

BERNAT: My love!

Bernat steps forward, brandishing his sword.

BERNAT: Prepare yourself, wretch!
For not even death can stand between me and my love.
I will have her from you
Or you will meet your end.

Bernat moves toward Favia, who closes to fight. They fight. During the fight, Bernat is grievously injured as he delivers the killing blow to Favia. She falls to the ground and as she dies, the spell on her breaks, transforming her back into her delemgan form.

FAVIA: Bernat. Bernat.
My Bernat, my love, what have you done to me?
What was it I said?
What was it I did?
Has our love soured in your heart?

BERNAT: Favia! My love! My life!
What foul sorcery has befallen you?
How have you come to be laid low by my hand?
Fie to the gods for such treachery!
Fie to all who stood in our way!

FAVIA: Fear not, my beloved
For now we are together
And together will always will be.
Nothing can keep us apart.
But, lo!
Why is it suddenly so dark? Where has the sun gone?
Where are you? I cannot see you.
I will find you.
I will...

Favia dies.

BERNAT: A curse upon the fiend who has betrayed me!
To hold love in your hand and have it wrenched away.

Bernat winces and puts his hand in his shirt, it comes out covered in blood.

BERNAT: What luck! What chance!
Tragedy may yet turn to fortune!
Favia, my love! Soon I will rest in your arms!
We will lie together again as one and forever shall we be side by side!
I go now to meet my love.
Berath, I accept your cold embrace.
I welcome your company.
I beg your mercy.

Bernat lies down next to Favia's body.

BERNAT: I am ready.

Bernat dies.

Laia steps out from her hiding spot and runs to Bernat's body.

LAIA: Bernat! You fool! You wretch!
How can you leave me?
I am alone! I am forgotten! I am cast out!
Without your love, how can I continue?
Life holds no thrall without your visage upon which I may gaze.
What shall I do?
But here! My salvation! My answer!

Laia picks up Bernat's sword.

LAIA: His blade. His weapon.
I shall be impaled upon him and he shall cut through me.
I will not be denied my love!
I will not be denied, my love!
You will be mine! If not in this life, then in the next!

Laia impales herself on the sword.

LAIA: I come for you, my love, my Bernat!
Wait for me and I will find you!
We shall love forever!

Laia dies."