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The Narrows is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


A series of narrow passageways carved into the rock of the mountain, the Narrows are labyrinthine and difficult to navigate.

Points of interest[]

  • Accessed via The Gullet. Contains a staging area (as pictured), which is only used in encounters.
  • Navigated through a scripted interactions, the Narrows allow you to reach the following locations:
    • Right, right, left: Entrance to Dereo's lair. You need an invitation to enter peacefully (see the location page for details). If you attack, you will lose reputation with Delvers Row Criminals but Dereo will be amused and you will still be given a chance to deal with him peacefully.
    • Right, forward, inspect the merchant stall with a Watcher-only Perception 18 or Streetwise 6 (these checks are waived if you have been told the directions during Delver's Row (quest)) and go through the curtain to reach Delver's Row.
      • You'll be accosted by several thugs and you can pay them off with Copper pands (cp)50, use Diplomacy 4, Bluff 3, attack, or pass through safely if you talked to Dereo and retrieved the Cornett of Waves for him (this option will not be available unless he has granted you access to the Undercroft). If you choose to attack, you will be put in a staging area used specifically for the fight, and will lose minor reputation with Delver's Row Criminals.
    • Right, forward, forward, forward: A dead body. Perception 14 allows you to find money and a note (this is Ulog, Mad Morena's messenger).
    • Right, forward, forward, right, forward: A neighbourhood. Offers a number of random encounters.
    • Choosing the option to retrace your steps to the exit will put you in the last location you were at.


PE2 The Narrows map.png
Overview map of The Narrows. The arrows indicate the direction faced.

Travelling to the dead-end door (left, right). Then returning to the entrance:

Path leading to Dereo's Lair (right, right, left). Then returning to the entrance:

Path leading to Delver's Row (right, forward, left). Then returning to the entrance:

Path leading to the dead body of Ulog (right, forward, forward, forward). Then returning to the entrance:

Path leading to the neighborhood (right, forward, forward, right, forward). Then returning to the entrance: