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The Old Queen and the New King is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

It is connected to the Council of Stars and Court of the Penitents main quests. The quest is granted by Galawain in Teir Evron.


The "old queen" is Sul, a giant lioness. She is the Fangs' current champion, and is holed up in Galawain's shrine. The "new king" challenger is Oernos, a giant bear, who wants Sul to come out into the open to fight.


Go to Galawain's Maw in Oldsong.

When you first enter, you pass through a room full of Fangs to the next room. There you meet Einden, who gives Oernos' side of the story.

To the north of where you enter (after a left turn) you meet Desthwn. He gives you a key that allows you to open the door on the north wall of the room, giving easy access to the rest of the areas. Oernos will eventually appear here.

Otherwise, you can go straight from where you enter, and use a Rope and Grappling Hook to cross a ruined bridge. To the south of there is a hidden switch that opens a door that gives easy access via the south part of the entrance area.

To the east of the ruined bridge is a set of vines, as in the vision at the beginning of the quest, that you can push though (carefully), avoiding a longer route with more enemies.

There are a number of hidden traps all around with various levels (up to level 11).

In Galawain's shrine at the north-east corner, you will meet Irensi, Sul's guardian, who gives Sul's side of the story. At the end of this conversation, Oernos will appear in the north-west.

At this point you can, if you desire, go and talk to Einden again, now where Oernos appeared.

  • If you kill Oernos you gain a Moderate reputation increase with The Fangs, and 288 XP per party member for Oernos' bestiary entry. Other dialogue options, depending on your player character:
    • [Fighter and Barbarian]: If Sul is so weak, then why doesn't Oernos go after her? The dangers wouldn't stop a worthy warrior. (This will persuade Einden to leave.)
    • [Hunter]: A skilled hunter would make his own advantage. Why hasn't Oernos?
    • [Darcozzi Paladini]: The Darcozzi Paladini long ago learned that cunning is as formidable as brute strength.
  • If you kill Sul you gain a Moderate reputation increase with The Fangs. Other dialogue options, depending on your player character:
    • [Druid]: Shielding Sul - or her cubs - from conflict and contest subverts the natural order.
    • [Bleak Walker]: We Bleak Walkers believe that decisive combat is a cruel necessity. Are Galawain's teachings so different? (This will persuade Irensi and the others to leave the shrine.)
    • [Hunter]: A true hunter can't always lie in wait for prey, as Sul has done.
    • [Ranger] Perhaps Sul hides behind the perils of the Maw because she has forgotten how to navigate them.
    • [Rogue]: You can persuade Irensi and the others to leave first, making the battle with Sul easier, you will also gain a Major reputation increase with The Fangs, not just Moderate.
  • You can also kill both, reputation will add up.

All talking options will end up leading to a confrontation with either of the beasts. Trying to lure either of the beast to the other one does not work, once the fight starts you cannot exit combat until both beasts are killed and trying to run through the vine wall like shown in the vision is impossible while in combat (using steam version with patch 2.03).

After reporting to Desthwn he gives you the unique sword Cat's Claw no matter what outcome you chose.

Return to Galawain's shrine in Teir Evron and explain your choice, completing the quest.


ID Objectives
0 The Old Queen and the New King
10000 Two mighty hunters - a lioness and a bear - wait in a deadlock. They face off but do not fight. It falls to me to resolve this stale conflict one way or another.
1 Travel to the stone maw in Galawain's vision.
10001 Galawain showed me a vision of a stalled fight between a lioness who lies in wait and the bear who circles her.

He also revealed a cave shaped like a wolf's maw in an area that looks like a temple district. I can probably learn more there.

20005 The place in the vision is a temple in Oldsong known as "the Maw."
20006 I've reached the Maw. These beasts shouldn't be too hard to find.
2 Find the old lioness in Galawain's Maw.
10002 The greatest predator in Eir Glanfath has traditionally lived in the Maw as Galawain's favored. Sul, a lioness, has held that position for decades. Oernos, a bear, has come to challenge her, but Sul has refused to meet him.

Without a fight to resolve the matter, the Fangs are split over which beast is the rightful champion. Desthwn, their leader, hopes that I can coax Sul into open combat.

20000 Einden, a barbarian in support of Oernos, explained that Sul's skulking violates Galawain's tenets. He believes she must be removed by any means necessary. A lack of conflict results in stagnation.
3 End the stalemate between Sul and Oernos in Galawain's Maw.
10003 Irensî explained that Sul's advantage in the Maw is one she has earned and one that no huntress of her cunning would concede. If Oernos wishes to seize her position, he should confront her in her lair.

Furthermore, Sul has given birth to cubs that could one day be mightier than either beast if allowed to mature.

If neither beast will approach the other, then I will have to settle matters on my own.

20001 Einden believes that Sul must be eliminated if she won't face Oernos in open combat.
20002 Irensî believes that Sul and her cubs will leave the best legacy for Galawain's Maw. If Oernos isn't strong enough to attack Sul where she is, then she doesn't think he's the true champion. She wants to see him eliminated by any means necessary.
20004 It sounds like both sides would be willing to fight under certain terms. Irensî explained that Sul's pride would leave if her cubs were allowed safe passage with the rest of the lions. Oernos could then fight Sul one-on-one at the back of the Maw.
20007 Desthwn has given me his blessing to slay one of the beasts. The Fangs will accept the other as champion.
4 Return to Galawain at Teir Evron in Elms' Reach.
10004 I've resolved the stalemate between the beasts. I may now receive my blessing from the Seeker God himself.
5 Return to Desthwn at the front of Galawain's Maw.
10005 I've resolved the stalemate between the beasts. Desthwn will want to know the outcome.
20003 Desthwn suggested that I petition the Seeker God for a boon.
6 Find a way to petition Galawain.
10006 I've resolved the stalemate between the beasts. Desthwn is dead, but it seems as though my actions ultimately served Galawain. There may yet be a way to claim the Seeker God's favor.
End states
Yes Supported Sul
30000 I supported Sul as Galawain's established champion.
Yes Supported Oernos
30001 I supported Oernos as Galawain's new champion.
Yes Killed both
30002 I killed both Sul and Oernos. Now, any beast in Eir Glanfath may claim the lair in Galawain's Maw.
Yes Forced fight
30003 I convinced both sides to allow a fight between the two great beasts. It was the only way to determine the true champion.