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The Parable of Wael is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


A group of thieves has robbed the Hall of Revealed Mysteries and absconded with an ancient Scroll of Wael. To prevent ancient wisdom from being disseminated to unworthy people, Grimda asks the Watcher to retrieve the scroll.


  • Talk to Grimda inside the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in northwestern Copperlane to pick up the quest.
  • Go to the abandoned homestead on the Woodend Plains. You will be attacked by a band of thieves of various classes. One of them, Beacwof, drops the Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath while Iben drops the Scroll of Wael.
  • Upon picking up the scroll, the god of mysteries will speak to you and explain that his relics are not meant to stay in one place, but be lost, found, and then lost again, so that seekers may continuously rediscover them. Thus the god will provide instruction for where you should take the scroll next.
    • Here you have the option to ignore the god's wishes and return the scroll to Grimda as originally planned. This will end the quest. Grimda will give you the Footpad's Hood, the Key to the Elder Archive, and Minor Positive Reputation with Defiance Bay.
  • Proceeding with the gods wishes, bury the scroll under the skull of the drake looking east in the Black Meadow as instructed.
  • Return to Grimda, who will either believe you and give you the same reward as above, or be angry and give you nothing.
    • If you have Deceptive 2, Grimda will automatically think you're lying.
    • Else if you have Honest 2, Grimda will automatically believe you (i.e. if you have both Honest and Deceptive ≥2 she won't believe you).
    • Otherwise, if you are neither Honest nor Deceptive 2, selecting the second dialogue option will convince Grimda that you are telling her the truth. Selecting the first or third dialogue option can also convince Grimda but will require 6 Lore.


  • Telling Grimda that you found the scroll, while having the scroll in your stash, will immediate hand it over to her without mentioning the god's instructions.
  • If Grimda is angered you will still get full experience for completing the quest. However she will refuse to talk to you afterward, making it impossible to report Nedyn to her during The Theorems of Pandgram.


ID Objectives
0 The Parable of Wael
10000 A group of thieves has stolen a scroll of Wael from the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Defiance Bay. The High Archivist, Grimda, wants me to track down the thieves and recover the scroll.
1 Retrieve the stolen scroll.
10001 Grimda said that one of the thieves mentioned an abandoned farm on the path to Dyrford.
20000 I've found several people hiding out at an abandoned farmhouse. I think these are the thieves Grimda mentioned.
20001 Now that the thieves are dead, I can search them for the scroll and return to Grimda.
2 Return to Grimda in Copperlane.
10002 I've recovered the stolen scroll. All that remains is to deliver it back to Grimda at the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane.
20002 I just had the strangest experience. I heard a voice in my head, and it told me to hide the scroll again. It directed me to bury it in the Black Meadow under the skull of the drake looking east. It sounded like a message from Wael itself.
20003 I buried the scroll where Wael wished. Grimda will want to know what happened to it, but I'm not sure how she'll take this information.
End states
Yes Scroll Returned
30000 I returned the scroll of Wael to Grimda.
No Grimda Dead
30001 With Grimda dead, there's no point in returning the scroll of Wael.
Yes Scroll hidden, Grimda mad
30002 I followed Wael's cryptic instructions and buried the scroll in the Black Meadow. Not surprisingly, Grimda didn't believe me, and now she's furious.
Yes Scroll hidden, Grimda ok
30003 I followed Wael's cryptic instructions and buried the scroll in the Black Meadow. Grimda understood this as the will of Wael and was pleased.