The Phylactery's Promise

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The Phylactery's Promise [WM2]
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Side quest
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Experience gained
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Outcomes & Rewards
Make a pact with Llengrath
Related quests
Bogged Down
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The Phylactery's Promise is a side quest in The White March - Part II.

This quest can be started when you have completed both, the Siege of Crägholdt and The Iron Flail. A dead assassin shows up in Stalwart, just west of Hamond's Emporium. Reading her soul enables access to a marshy area called Mowrghek Îen.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Taking Concelhaut down puts the Watcher in the sights of another powerful archmage. Confrontation is only a matter of time.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Once in Mowrghek Îen, you must fight through a village of cultists in order to confront their leader, who turns out to be a powerful wizard; the archmage Llengrath.
  • The player has two options: fight Llengrath, her flunkies, and her two Bog Dragons, or cut a deal with her.
    • Dealing with her peacefully requires either Resolve 17 or having obtained unique knowledge to share. (For other options see the talk page – or simply add them here.)
    • Being a Wizard will enable the peace option.
    • Note: actually (in v3.06 at least), the required Resolve score is 20; Other options include honest 2 and stoic 2: (source)
    • If the player chooses to fight, however, be prepared for a difficult battle. Llengrath herself is a powerful wizard, but the real threat comes from fighting two dragons at once.
  • Defeating Llengrath yields her unique grimoire (containing five spells which are otherwise unobtainable), as well as 4 Bog Dragon Scales, assorted loot, and 15 Stronghold Prestige.
  • Reaching a peaceful agreement rewards the Watcher with a unique talent, Mental Prowess, and adds 5 Stronghold Security.

Battle tactics[edit | edit source]

The battle is significantly easier if one or more of the three powerful opponents are disabled. To that end, note the following resistances and immunities (or lack thereof, in the case of stunning).

Crowd Control Llengrath Turisulfus Gafonercos
Charmed immune   immune
Confused immune immune immune
Dominated   immune  
Paralyzed immune    
Petrified   immune  
Stuck immune    
Unconscious     immune
Prone resistant resistant resistant

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 The Phylactery's Promise
10000 In Stalwart, a violent scout was brought down by the town guards - but not before she was observed demanding information as to my whereabouts.
Alternate descriptions
40001 In Stalwart, a violent would-be assassin was brought down by the guards before reaching her target- none other than the master of Caed Nua.
1 Examine the assassin.
10001 The assassin has been killed - but that's no deterrent to a Watcher. Perhaps I can find some clue as to why this person was sent after me.
2 Explore the wilds to the southwest of Stalwart.
10002 Prior to Stalwart, the scout traveled through a bog on the edge of Eir Glanfath, to the southwest of the White March. I expect I will find her employer thereabouts.
3 Seek out your enemy.
10003 I have reached a boggy expanse of wilderness that matches the area I saw in the scout's memory. It is a desolate place, and hardly seems like the site for an outpost.
20000 I have come across some kind of settlement in the bog. This must be the right place.
4 Defeat Llengrath.
10004 Llengrath is set on taking my life. I must now contend with her and her draconic allies.
End states
Yes Killed Llengrath
30000 The architect of the siege on Concelhaut's tower was revealed to be an heir of the archmage Llengrath, inheritor of his name and title. Her death, and that of the two dragons she called allies, puts an end to her machinations- and secures my own legacy.
Yes Came to an Accord
30001 The architect of the siege on Concelhaut's tower was revealed to be an heir of the archmage Llengrath, inheritor of his name and title. After some deliberation, we came to terms rather than blows. Llengrath has shared with me some portion of her collected wisdom.