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The Queen That Was - And Still Is is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the deity Woedica.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Dear Sisters,

Do you still remember your first deliverance? When you strangled your first wrongdoer, did you see the moment when life became death? Could you see the instance when your victim realized that Woedica forgets nothing? When Woedica takes back her throne will you face her with pride, knowing you have held to your own oaths, or will you be amongst the word-breakers?

Woedica teaches vengeance and memory - and while she is in Exile, we must be her eyes and ears that let no injustice slip from record, we must be clenched fist that silences the lying breath. When Woedica takes back her throne, all of the injustices that have slipped through the cracks of history will be righted. The villains hiding in plain sight amongst the innocent will feel the Burned Queen's choking grasp - pray that you live to see the day when you will join our Queen in this cleansing of the wicked.

But know, my sisters, that we must be ready to see the end of our days without the return of our Queen - for she will take back her throne, but it may be our daughters that serve the restored court. We must continue to live as we have always lived - hated by the other faiths, even though we place justice above our own wellbeing. At least the Empire of Aedyr still holds our creed in proper esteem. It is a proper sign of respect that, by imperial custom, our clergy must oversee a contract for it to be legally binding. For who else understands the value of remembering one oaths than Woedica's faithful? And let us not count our current blessings - for we still enjoy the support of the paladin order of The Steel Garrote - they too understand that society is built and broken by the oaths and rules of its people.

When Woedica takes back her throne, my family will know that I was right to commit my life to the Exiled Queen. When Woedica takes back her throne, the Strangler will stop being a story told to frighten our daughters, but a hero woven into parables that teach our children justice. When Woedica takes back her throne, she will bring her flawless memory with her - every transgression, every crime, and every injustice will be revealed. When Woedica takes back her throne, even gods won't be spared their due retribution.