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The Red Arrow is a dhow encountered on the high seas in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It flies Crookspur Colors, and is helmed by Faina Short Fur.


This ship travels in a looping route, passing through the following coordinates:

  • 31° 46′ S, 62° 9′ E - Between The Black Isles and Mara-Mara Trench to the east, north of the first 'W' in The Windless Wastes
    • Heading east into Mara-Mara Trench, then north-northeast through the shallows for a long distance until reaching the easternmost edge of the map.
  • 23° 42′ S, 68° 40′ E - Southeast of Wāpau Jungle.
  • 18° 4′ S, 67° 20′ E - Northeast of Subterranean Temple.
    • Heading southwest, circling around the top of the island, then bearing west. towards the Tehiwai Islands.
  • 20° 58′ S, 60° 25′ E - Northeast of Tikawara Island and south of the island containing an abandoned village.
    • Heading south past Tikawara, a within a short distance of the southernmost tip of the Tehiwai Islands towards the Black Isles, bearing southeast towards the first coordinate.