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The Sacred Stair is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The Sacred Stair is one of the oldest occupied parts of Neketaka, serving as its de facto temple district. A variety of gods are worshipped across the district, the most notable being, of course, the Huana versions of the Eoran pantheon.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a large, open area with several temples (as can be expected). The Spire of the Soul-Seers is in the northwest, looming over the district, with a merchant stall nearby.
  • The centerpiece of the area is a large, open-air temple dedicated to Magran, with High Priest Hati and Mark van der Bij there.
  • Other temples are the Temple of Gaun to the northeast, occupied by the Children of the Dawnstars, the Temple of Berath, and The Hanging Sepulchers.
  • To the southwest, on a walkway beneath the Temple of Berath are two separate methods of entrance to The Hanging Sepulchers.
    • A stone door requiring "a religious artifact, blessed by Berath" to open. With Religion 3, you can decipher the etchings on the door. Opened during Eulogy for the Dead.
    • Just by the stone door is a tree, which starts a scripted interaction. With a Rope and Grappling Hook, you can climb down to reach an opening to the tomb in the cliff side, requiring Athletics 3 to avoid detriment. Once in the tomb hallways, Perception 11 will allow you to spot a glittering Ruby in a cubbyhole in the wall.


During Bounty - Katrenn:




Behind the scenes[]

  • An additional unused location called Magran's Temple (and its sub-location The Champion's Hearth) exist in the game files. This indicates that The Temple of Magran was perhaps initially planned as an interior location, rather than being in the center of the district as it is now. It can only be accessed with AreaTransition, or with F11 after entering IRoll20s.
    • This area was subsequently removed in a later patch to the game.