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The Sealed Missive is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


A dying monk in Elmshore implores the Watcher to deliver a sealed missive to his compatriots at the Celestial Sapling.


  1. Find the dying monk in the top right of Elmshore, who is surrounded by two Stelgaers.
  2. Take the Sealed Missive from him. Decide to:
    • Either put the unopened missive in your backpack.
    • Break open the missive and read a hint to a secret stash.
    • With Dexterity 18, you can open the missive very, VERY carefully, read it and seal it again, so it can still be delivered as "unopened".
  3. Go to the monks in the Celestial Sapling in Heartsong:
    • If you give them an unopened letter, you will receive Aila Braccia (small shield) and Twin Elms: Minor Positive.
    • If you say you found nothing, they will be disappointed, the quest ends without any further effects (no items, no reputation change).
    • If you show the opened letter to the monks, they will attack you and you receive Twin Elms: Moderate Negative. You can loot Aila Braccia, a fine robe and approx. Copper pands (cp)200 cash. With Intellect 18 or Perception 16, you can avoid that and receive Aila Braccia and Twin Elms: Minor Positive.
  4. Find the hidden stash in the upper left Glanfathan Home of Elms' Reach in sneaking mode, containing Starlit Garb. This is totally independent of the quest: You can find it if you have never taken the quest from the dying monk, you can find it if you read the scroll (broken open or carefully resealed) or if not, and before or after delivering the scroll to the monks in the inn.
  5. Optional: You can kill the monks afterwards, without reputation change and no one else in the inn will become aggressive. You can loot Aila Braccia a second time (since this is a unique item, this can be seen as bug) as well as a fine robe and some Copper pands (cp)200 cash. Also this allows to reach for the some Copper pands (cp)200 in the cabinet behind them, which otherwise would be observed as stealing.


ID Objectives
0 The Sealed Missive
10000 I stumbled across a monk in Elmshore that was attacked by a stelgaer pack. In his last, dying moments, he gave me a sealed missive to deliver on his behalf to the brothers of his order.
1 Deliver Missive.
10001 I need to deliver the dead monk's missive to members of his order. They should be staying at the Celestial Sapling - an inn located within Twin Elms.
20000 I have read the missive the monk carried. Here is what it said:

Rejoice, seekers. The judicious application of pain has loosened the tongue of our informant. The artifact we seek has recently been moved to Elm's Reach - it should be secured in a residence near the entrance of the settlement. The informant suggested it is likely stashed away under the floor. We have endured much in our pursuit of this hallowed relic - soon our efforts will come to fruition. The council of Archmartyrs awaits your triumphant return. Do not fail us.

End states
Yes Unopened Missive
30000 I returned the message, with the seals intact, to the monks.
Yes Opened Missive
30001 I returned the message to the monks, though I was attacked when it was discovered the seals on the scroll case had been broken.
30002 Someone critical to the completion of this task has died.
Yes Unopened(?) Missive
30003 I returned the message to the monks. I was able to read the contents of the message without physically breaking the seals. The monks are none the wiser...
Yes Missive Kept
30004 I reported the monk's death to his brethren, but I lied about the monk giving me anything, and have kept the missive.
Yes Returned Missive and Lied
30005 I returned the message to the monks. Though I read the missive, I was able to convince the monks that I was not the one who broke the seal.