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The Slaying Face's Hunt for the Luckless Coin is a task in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


The Slaying Face wants you to retrieve a cursed coin and return it to the Pool of Memories.


  • You can find The Luckless Coin on Caedric at The Kraken's Eye in Port Maje Harbor.
  • Caedric, the only survivor of an attack on his ship the Untold Fortune, has the small coin to thank. It distracted him just in time to stop him from being blown to bits. Stranded and with no crew left, he's come to The Kraken's Eye to find a way off the island, and to forget his friends who weren't as lucky as he was.
  • You can (optionally) buy him a drink for Copper pands (cp)14, and listen to his story. During the dialogue there are a few ways to obtain the coin:
    • With Insight 12, you can tell he isn't very happy about escaping death and the fate of his fellow crewmembers for a single coin, and that he thinks it shows cowardice. Then assure him that it's not his fault with Diplomacy 17, and say he should blame the pirates, or his captain for choosing to fight. This option is not repeatable.
    • With Arcana 18, convince him that the coin is a curse that brought death not to him, but to everyone else. He says you seem to know your curses and hexes, and gives you the coin.
    • With Streetwise 6 you can ask to buy it from him, though he says not willing to part with it for all the coin in the world.
    • Say "this calls for something stronger" and buy him a bottle of Rum for Copper pands (cp)130 (this option is repeatable, after leaving dialogue). Then you can either:
      • Drink him under the table with a hidden Constitution 13 check.
      • Pretend to drink with Bluff 8 and Sleight of Hand 5. This check is also available if you say "I've come for the coin" when first talking to him, and doing so will avoid having to pay for the rum.
      • Poison his drink with a Fungal Bile (Cruel), killing him and leaving you free to take the coin.
If you're successful with one of the first two checks he'll fall asleep in his chair and you can then steal the coin from him (Shady) or leave it be (Honest). He'll continue to be asleep after you leave.
  • Or you can simply pickpocket it from him with Sleight of Hand 6. Caedric himself doesn't move, but the patrons around the tavern regularly walk within line-of-sight, making it quite a challenge without fairly high Stealth.


  • After making him fall asleep, the dialogue options to steal or leave the coin are repeatable and give you 1 Disposition every time, a good way to "farm" disposition if for some reason you wanted to do so.


ID Objectives
0 The Slaying Face's Hunt for the Luckless Coin
10000 The Slaying Face wants me to retrieve a cursed coin and return it to the Pool of Memories.
1 Acquire the Luckless Coin.
10001 Engari's information suggested that the coin I seek can be found at the Kraken's Eye in Port Maje.
3 Return the Luckless Coin to the Pool of Memories.
10003 I have acquired the coin desired by the Slaying Face. Now I must return it to the Pool of Memories to unlock its spiritual history.
End states
Yes 30000 I added the Luckless Coin to the Pool of Memories, unlocking additional challenges from the Faces of the Hunt.