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The Surviving Face
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Biography and appearance
Game Seeker, Slayer, Survivor
Race Vessel
Gender Neuter
Internal Name
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The Surviving Face is a character in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


An aspect of Toamowhai (Galawain) that focuses on the survival: Though all manners of cowards excel at survival, the boar is courageous and resilient, exemplifying the fact that victory without survival is meaningless.



The Surviving Face is also the name of a quest, where the Watcher travels to Tiebe o Waiapu to face an increasingly difficult series of challenges. The best approach to cheese the encounter is to dismiss all your companions at an inn, and just go with the Watcher alone (although this will force a rest on you, losing any rested bonuses). If you take the whole party, for best outcomes, you will need the Watcher to have Athletics 13, Constitution 14, and Perception 13, plus any character with Alchemy 13, and any character with Might 15. In addition to these, the specific layout of your party matters, the party leader in slot 1 should have Dexterity 11, the character in slot 2 should have Athletics 11, the character in slot 3 should have Constitution 13, and the character in slot 4 should have Athletics 10.

  1. Confronted with 2 stones, you'll recognize the danger with an 11 Perception check, which allows for 3 options: Send some else ahead (any party member with Might 15), Blast it with Magic (any Invocation/Evocation spell will work from Chanters, Wizards, and other classes), or Continue carefully through (Watcher-only Athletics 12).
  2. If you blast with magic only (this is skipped if you pass either the Might or Athletics check in step 1 above), then the rocks shift, and fall upon the party member in slot 3. Watcher-only Athletics of 7, or 13 Constitution of party member 3 will avoid injury.
  3. The earth shifts, and the party member in slot 4 must pass an Athletics 10 check to avoid injury to the Watcher.
  4. A wide crevasse opens before you, spanned by a line of old rope, and the party member in slot 2 must pass an Athletics 11 check to shimmy across. Or you can searching for another route which incurs a time delay, and a slightly different next two checks:
    1. Boulder blocks the way, and crushes the hand of party member in slot 4.
    2. Darkness falls, and party member in slot 2 slips and falls in the gloom.
  5. Or if you opt to search for another route:
    1. Darkness falls, and party member in slot 2 slips and falls in the gloom.
    2. Path threads through a narrow pass two titanic slabs of stone, and party member in slot 1 must pass a Dexterity 11 check
  6. Valley is partitioned by a wall of dry brambles: Watcher-only Perception 13, using a Fire ability (like Flames of Devotion, or Wizard spells) to burn them results in fire injury to character who uses skill, or Watcher-only Athletics 12.
  7. Weeping rash of broken sores on party member 5 can be addressed with any character Alchemy 13.
  8. Spiders the size of fists swarm party member in slot 1.
  9. Sweat soaked and exhausted, party member 5 gets fatigued.
  10. Sun beats down on party member 3, blistering his skin.
  11. At the end of the valley, there is a cliff: Watcher-only 14 Constitution, Rope & Grappling hook with Watcher-only Athletics 6 followed by Watcher-only Constitution 6.
  12. Confronted with a giant boar, Diplomacy 5 or feeding it Orlan's Cradle allows you to avoid combat with the boar. Diplomacy 1 or feeding it pork will result in combat. Other options include Intimidate 7, feeding it other mushrooms.

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