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Disambig.png This article is about the quest in Pillars of Eternity. For the item, see Theorems of Pandgram. For the item in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see The Theorems of Pandgram (book).

The Theorems of Pandgram is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.


Nedyn, an animancer at the Brackenbury sanitarium, is studying the problem of soul attachment and bonding. She is missing a crucial element of the puzzle, the Theorems of Pandgram, needed to further her research, and requires the Watcher's aid in obtaining a copy of the text.


If you talk to Nedyn on the street outside of the Sanitarium entrance in the Brackenbury district of Defiance Bay, she'll ask you to steal a valuable book (the Theorems of Pandgram) for her.

Travel to the Copperlane district, enter the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in the Northwest, and find Grimda. The book is in a room to the left of her (the "Elder Archives"), but it is locked.

You now have three options:

  • Earn your access to the Elder Archives
    Talk to Grimda, but don't tell her about Nedyn. Instead, get the quest The Parable of Wael from her. Complete that quest, then report back to Grimda. She'll now give you access to the Elder Archives, where you can take the Theorems of Pandgram without anyone noticing.
  • Break into the Elder Archives
    Either kill Grimda and take the key to the Elder Archives from her body, or pick the lock (Difficulty 5). In the first case, the entire Hall turns hostile. You can grab the Theorems of Pandgram and fight your way out. In the second case, you can safely pick the lock and then enter the room as long as you're in scouting mode - even if the icon shows you are visible to the nearby NPC.
  • Report Nedyn to Grimda
    Grimda will thank you, and the quest completes immediately.
    Also, you'll no longer find Nedyn in Brackenbury - instead, you'll encounter her hostile in Woodend Plains. (After the battle, you can loot the Ring of Eternal Funding from her body.)

Unless you betrayed Nedyn, return to her. If you say the reward is not enough, she will add the Ring of Eternal Funding.


  • Killing the backer NPC in the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, even if it's the only NPC who dies in the process, leads to the same outcome as if you were taking the Theorems of Pandgram by brute force, with Nedyn being not so happy about the massacre once you return to her. Verify
  • Two unfinished versions of this quest can be found in the game files: 01_defiance_bay_coppleane/01_qst_theorems_of_pandgram.quest and 04_defiance_bay_brackenbury/01_qst_theorems_of_pandgram.quest.


ID Objectives
0 The Theorems of Pandgram
10000 Nedyn, an animancer I met in front of the Brackenbury Sanitarium, told me of the Elder Archives and the rare manuscripts they contain, including one by an animancer named Pandgram.

She needs the Theorems of Pandgram to continue her research, but the archivists won't give her access.

1 Go to the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane.
10001 The Elder Archives are hidden in the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, which is in Copperlane. I'll find the Elder Archives somewhere in the great library located there.
20000 I've learned that Grimda is the only one who can grant access to the Archives.
2 Find the Elder Archives.
10002 I found a way inside the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, but the Elder Archives lie behind more locked doors.
3 Get the Theorems of Pandgram.
10003 I made it into the Elder Archives. The manuscript that Nedyn asked for should be in here somewhere.
4 Retrieve the scroll of Wael for Grimda.
10004 Grimda has asked me to retrieve a stolen scroll of Wael.

If I do this for her, I may be able to get access to the Elder Archives.

20001 Grimda has granted me access to the Elder Archives.
5 Return to Nedyn outside the Brackenbury Sanitarium.
10005 I found the Theorems of Pandgram in the Elder Archives. Nedyn will be pleasantly surprised to see it.
End states
Yes Got Theorems
30000 I obtained the Theorems of Pandgram for Nedyn, who was ecstatic to finally have it in her hands.
Yes Killed someone
30001 I obtained the Theorems of Pandgram for Nedyn. She wasn't too pleased with the bloodshed at the Hall of Revealed Mysteries.
Yes Told Grimda
30002 I informed Grimda of Nedyn's interest in the Theorems of Pandgram. Grimda thanked me for warning her and has taken measures to protect the book from any further attempts. She rewarded me for my honesty.
No Quest Failed
30003 Nedyn has been slain.