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You're the first person it saw. It's gonna think you're it's mama now.
~ Edér, after the egg hatches

The Thermal Pearl is a task in The White March - Part I.


Tealdor, the head of Stalwart's malitia wants a thermal pearl from the hot springs near Longwatch Falls. He'd get it himself, but a pack of lagufaeths scared him off before he could grab it. Suffering from a case of scurvy (a nutritional deficiency), he says the pearl is supposed to be packed full of minerals that could help.


  1. Speak to Tealdor in Stalwart Village to receive the task. Tealdor asks you to find a thermal pearl from the hot springs in Longwatch Falls.
  2. Head to the hot springs (northeastern corner of Longwatch Falls) and defeat a large group of lagufaeths led by a broodmother.
  3. Check the three pools of water after defeating the Broodmother. You will find the pearl.
  4. Bring the pearl back to Tealdor. Upon approaching one of the three exits to the falls, the thermal pearl will turn out to be a Baby Lagufaeth's egg shell. Upon returning it, you can decide to:
    • Sell the Baby Lagufaeth to Tealdor (or any other vendor) for Copper pands (cp)500.
    • Keep the Baby Lagufaeth.


ID Objectives
0 The Thermal Pearl
10000 Tealdor wants a thermal pearl from the hot springs near Longwatch Falls.
1 Travel to Longwatch Falls.
10001 The hot springs Tealdor told me about are east of town, near Longwatch Falls.

That's where he saw the thermal pearl. And a horde of lagufaeth.

20006 Tealdor recommended that I visit Thyrsc, an experienced hunter, before braving Longwatch Falls.
20000 Thyrsc warned me that lagufaeth are fast and resistant to cold. He also gave me potions that might help with the fight.
2 Find the hot springs near Longwatch Falls.
10002 I've reached Longwatch Falls. The hot springs Tealdor mentioned should be nearby.
3 Find a thermal pearl.
10003 I found the hot springs northwest of the road. Now I'll have to search them for thermal pearls.
20001 I didn't find any thermal pearls in the first spring I searched.
20003 The second hot spring didn't have any thermal pearls, either. But there's still another to search.
4 Return to Tealdor outside the Gréf's Rest.
10004 The last pool I checked held something that looked like the thermal pearl Tealdor described.

He's waiting for me in Stalwart.

20005 The "thermal pearl" just hatched, and now I have a baby lagufaeth in my pack.
20007 I told Tealdor about the egg, but he didn't seem to believe me. If I show him the baby lagufaeth, he'll have to.
Unused strings
- 20002 Thyrsc told me about the lagufaeth and gave me some potions.
End states
Yes Sold lagufaeth
30000 I sold the lagufaeth to Tealdor.
Yes Kept lagufaeth
30001 Tealdor offered to buy the lagufaeth, but I decided to keep it.
Yes Sold to rando
30002 I sold the lagufaeth to a merchant.
No Quest Failed: Tealdor has died