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The Twin Eels is a great sword in Beast of Winter.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A Kuaru smith forged his masterpiece, which he dubbed Tangaloa, claiming it would send any enemy to the great eel's maw. After touting his craftsmanship to all who would listen Rikuhu spoke to him while he slumbered, expressing disappointment for not honoring both aspects of the deity. Equal parts humbled and terrified, the smith forged the counterpart Kohopa to abide the god's bidding. He bound the two weapons, twisting their blades together. He then sold the sword as quickly as possible and never forged a weapon in the gods' names again.


  • The Sunken Crown: In the chest in the southeastern corner of the room. To lower the water, use only the first pedestal and then make your way to the Sunken Crown. See here for details.


  • Exit The Sunken Crown to The Drowned Kingdom, via its northwestern void gate.
  • See this map for reference regarding sequence.
  1. Activate conch 1 by the gateway you just exited. (Collect Current's Rush from the statue in the pool.)
  2. Enter void gate 2.
  3. Exit from void gate 3.
  4. Activate conch 4.
  5. Go back via void gate 3 --> 2, and enter void gate 5.
  6. Exit from void gate 6.
  7. Make your way over to void gate 7.
  8. Exit from void gate 8.
  9. Activate conch 9.
  10. Return to The Sunken Crown via the gate by conch 1 (where you came out).


Mod Effect Cost Ingredients Mod removed
Renewal On knockout, revive the user with 10 Health (scales with Religion skill). Limited to once per rest. (Religion * 10) + 10 Copper pands (cp)6,000 2 2 2

Behind the scenes[]

  • Created by Ian Randall.
Concept art and renders by Ian Randall