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The Upper Bowels is a location in The Forgotten Sanctum.


The Upper Bowels are the titan of Wael proper, with all the glories of wading through divine, gigantic flesh, with all the various accoutrements added by the Hand Occult afterwards.

Points of interest[]

  • The Bowels are the final dungeon area of the game and include several chambers that need to be visited in order to open the passage leading to the depths in the center (the player needs the alchemical charge from the southern Excavation Chamber and the Antiseptic Cream from the Alchemical Chamber adjacent to Archives Sub-basement - see The Inner Mysteries for details).
  • Other notable spots include the Celestial Remnant, which is used to complete Bekarna's second quest, Out of Eternal Horizons), as well as the Memory Siphon.
  • Archives Subbasement combination from left to right: XI - XIV - XIII - XV


Notable loot[]