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The Wailing Banshee is a location in Ondra's Gift, Defiance Bay. It replaces the lower level of the Lighthouse Ruin upon completing the associated quest.


After cleansing the Lighthouse Ruin of the spirits that haunted it, the ruined lighthouse is restored by Niah, and becomes a bustling tavern.


  • Niah, the former quest-giver and now tavernkeeper.


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in The Wailing Banshee, see here.



Wooden Box

Behind the scenes[]

  • This inn - and by extension its associated quest - is the backer reward for GameBanshee, a gaming website that provides detailed video game walkthroughs, mostly RPGs.
  • This area contains developer commentary.
The Wailing Banshee was originally just going to be an old wizard tower from an Engwithan area of the game. The guys from GameBanshee asked to have their inn be inhabited by an actual banshee that had to be cleared out before their inn could be used. So we changed the wizard tower to a lighthouse and put it in Ondra's Gift since they wanted it to be a run-down building. Added some ethereal enemies, some spooky sounds and music, one banshee at the top and—bam, you get the Wailing Banshee.
~ Denise McMurry, Level Designer