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The Wheel is a natural phenomenon in Eora that is responsible for the cycle of rebirth, allowing souls to pass from one life to another.

Process[ | ]

When an individual dies, their soul moves forward into the In-Between, which is a shadow world where souls wander after death. Using pillars of adra, souls then enter a place known as The Beyond, the realm of the gods, before they are reincarnated back into the world.[1] Most times this process takes several years, but it can also be very brief, with a soul reincarnating immediately.[2]

Souls are assigned to new births via a soul lottery, although sometimes the gods will intervene directly. Many kith devote themselves to a particular god to avoid their soul ending up in the lottery.[3] The gods may use these souls in different ways:

Taming The Wheel[ | ]

This article or text contains significant spoilers relating to the story of Pillars of Eternity

Over two-thousand years ago, the Engwithans (an ancient civilization) learned to manipulate souls. During their time, the Wheel caused many soul maladies because the flow of souls was inconsistent and without real direction.[6] Together with the Huana in the ancient city of Ukaizo, the Engwithans constructed a giant machine to seize control of the process. The machine steered souls into The Beyond from the In-Between, much like damming a river, to control and direct the flow of souls.[7]

The Engwithans, who became the gods, took direct roles in controlling the newly improved process. For example, Berath became the key figure in maintaining the metaphysical cycle, while Eothas helps keep souls in motion.[6] The gods use the essence that a soul "sheds" in the Wheel (known as entropy) to sustain themselves.[8]

Breaking The Wheel[ | ]

This article or text contains significant spoilers relating to the story of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Deadfire Ending Slide 1

Eothas attempting to destroy the Engwithan machine that controls the wheel. Skeletal bodies of the divine titans are visible in the lower left.[9]

Cresting the top of a fallen tower, you finally get a clear view of Eothas. He stands, legs astride, next to a great stone monument ringed with eleven cavernous alcoves. All but three hold a gargantuan skeleton, bones scrubbed clean by the city's storms.

An immense Engwithan machine floats above the monument, suspended by invisible energy emanating from a well of light beneath it. Great brass rings spin around a core of metal and adra at the machine's center. Periodically, Eothas' massive arms swing back. The movement alone is enough to draw great gusts of wind toward him. When they come down on the machine, the impacts are accompanied by eruptions of electricity, fire, and smoke. The hundreds of luminous adra pillars across Ukaizo sympathetically dim in a rippling wave that spreads out from the machine.
~ Viewing the Engwithan machine at Ukaizo on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

The tampering of the Engwithans was so extensive that over the centuries the natural rebirth process became reliant on the machine at Ukaizo. The process had deteriorated to the point that it could not return to its original state.[7]

In 2828 AI, Eothas, in an effort to diminish the role of the gods and elevate kith, destroyed the machine in Ukazio, grinding the process to a halt. Souls from newly deceased now pool in the In-Between, unable to pass to The Beyond and to new births.

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