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The White Forge is a main quest in The White March - Part I.


The Watcher has been called to the White March to find the White Forge, which is believed to be locked inside Durgan's Battery, a deserted dwarven fortress.

The White Forge was used to make legendary arms out of Durgan steel, and the villagers of Stalwart are hoping to rediscover this process. In addition, something in Durgan's Battery has seized the attention of the Leaden Key.


This quest is obtained automatically after completing Durgan's Battery and entering the dwarven fortress.

  • Descend below the Great Hall: Exploring the Great Hall will eventually put you in front of a door sealed with the soul of Armswarden Marunn. Talk to her to learn that she's obstinate even after a century of service as a paranoid door.
    • With Lore 7 you can point out that the Battery has been blessed by Abydon and the god's favor won't let you harm the fortress, or that you have come to pray with Exandru.
    • If you mention the Leaden Key, you may lie and gain safe passage by saying they are buying weapons from Zoltun.
    • Other options will result in her siccing defenders on you.
  • Continue past the mines. To open the door to the Foundry, you need to find the stone dial at the workshop. Insert it in the protrusion next to the door, then rotate it according to the song on the pillars (it's arranged out of order, arrange them in grammatical order): South, west, east, north, pushing the disc each time.
  • Find the White Forge in the level below. To awaken it, you need to find the two adra spheres (found in the workshop to the southeast and the shrine to Abydon to the northwest), then place them in the sockets. Then add the adra disc to reactivate the forge... And spawn four Forge Guardians.
  • Destroy the guardians, then interact with the adra pillar to get answers. Note that the adra pillar is not highlighted as something with which you can interact. If you hover above the magnifying glass icon, the dialogue icon will appear.
    • Chief Curate Exandru will challenge you initially, but eventually relent after you point out with Lore 5 that the Battery has been abandoned for over 200 years or otherwise make him aware of the fact that they are, well, dead.
    • Asking them to explain what happened or using Lore 5 or Intellect 16 to point out the official story (they destroyed one another) and the official story and the discrepancies you came across, namely the obvious signs of invasion across the Battery. The kommandants will reveal that it was the Eyeless who invaded the Battery, maegfolc bigger than any the dwarves have ever seen. When they speak of salvation, you can use Intellect 16 to point out that the White Forge channeled their souls into the very fabric of the Battery.
    • Ultimately, they will ask you for your motivations, and you'll get a chance to manipulate the essence of the Pargrunen dwarves, like you did with Maerwald, and choose their fate.
      • Release them from Durgan's Battery. → The released Pargrunen souls can provide certain help in the quest Lair of the Eyeless.
      • Bind them to the cannons. → The bound spirits will bolster the defense of the battery and the fortress.
      • Bind them to the White Forge. → Increase the efficiency of the forge reducing Durgan Iron Ingot requirement from 4 to 3.
    • The choice here will affect the options in the resolution of Lair of the Eyeless. The following text describes something affected by the Watcher's actions in Pillars of Eternity. This choice also carries over to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - see Histories#The White Forge. Whatever you choose, the quest completes and the White Forge becomes available for use.


ID Objectives
0 The White Forge
10000 I've entered Durgan's Battery. The White Forge should be on the bottom floor.
1 Descend below the Great Hall.
10001 The ground floor of Durgan's Battery seems to have been deserted long ago. It's not clear where the dwarves went, but they left a mess in their wake.
20000 The way up is blocked by rubble. I'll have to explore elsewhere for now.
20001 I saw a vision of the dwarves of the Battery. They were debating what to do about an attacking enemy. It sounds like many of them fled to the lower levels of the fortress.
2 Continue past the mines.
10002 I've found a level that appears to have been a mining hub at one point. Like the rest of Durgan's Battery, it looks deserted now, so I'll have to keep searching.
20002 The door leading down appears to be sealed, but there's some kind of stone socket next to it.
20004 The dial needed to open the way down is locked in the workshop - I found the remains of the old dwarf who left it there.
20003 I found a stone dial. I'm not sure what it does, but it's a work of careful and deliberate craftsmanship.
20005 I found the stone dial that opens the door down to the lowest levels of Durgan's Battery.
3 Find the White Forge.
10003 I've reached the bottom level of Durgan's Battery. It's strangely hot.

It seems the dwarves made their last stand down here. The White Forge is somewhere on this level, too.

20009 I've found a strange sphere, carved out of adra to resemble an eye.
20010 I've found another adra sphere, also carved in the appearance of an eye.
20011 I took a disc of adra from a strange machine. It seems that its purpose was to funnel essence into the White Forge.
4 Awaken the White Forge.
10004 I've found the legendary White Forge. I need to figure out how to use it.
20006 I've found a strange sphere, carved out of adra to resemble an eye.
20007 I've found another adra sphere, also carved in the appearance of an eye.
20008 I took a disc of adra from a strange machine. It seems that its purpose was to funnel essence into the White Forge.
End states
Yes Released souls
30000 I released the souls of Durgan's Battery to return to the cycle of life and death.
Yes Bound to cannons
30001 I bound the souls of Durgan's Battery to the cannons. There, they can defend the fortress.
Yes Bound to Forge
30002 I bound the souls of Durgan's Battery to the White Forge so that they can guide and strengthen future smithing efforts.