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The White that Wends (known simply as the Land to indigenous clans) is a major region in southern Eora.

Geography[ | ]

This infertile expanse of cracked and shifting ice is home to the largest known settlement of pale elves in the world. Outcasts, adventurers, and explorers from other parts combine their resources to survive—or raid smaller settlements as needed. Survival across the Wend is dependent upon harnessing nontraditional hunting methods better suited to open plains and using a lack of visibility to one’s advantage. Sailing expeditions once hugged the Wend’s northern coast with hopes of charting a passage east. Too many ships spent seasons moored inland, only to be torn apart by unpredictable ice floes. Most explorers grudgingly decided that braving the Wend was no safer than braving the pirates and sea monsters of Deadfire. At least one group of Aedyrans never returned after their vessel froze in a developing ice field miles from shore. Whether they made peaceful contact with the Glamfellen, or succumbed to hazards of the environment, is unknown.[1]

While virtually no plant life grows in the White, it is home to many hardy species of dangerous animals that forage from the sea or prey upon each other to survive.[2]

Society[ | ]

Glamfellen are the dominant ethnic group in the White that Wends, elves who migrated to the White that Wends millennia ago. They travel that frozen continent in clans that come into conflict with one another and the Enutanik for resources. The challenges of life in the Land, as they call it, have resulted in an unique way of life that emphasizes communal sharing, raising of children, and extensive support and cooperation within the clans. However, the steady increase in trading with the outside world, coupled with permanent settlements emerging along the coasts of the White eroded this way of life. The increasing trade in culture and goods, together with the rise of wealth inequality broke down the old ways, to the point where few children can count on the support of two parents, much less the whole clan. Many inland clans, living far away from the coasts, managed to maintain their distinct way of life however.[3]


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